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18 Cute Healthy Valentine’s Day Food Ideas

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I LOVE Valentine’s Day! Depending on your perspective, there is only one possible drawback: too many sweets. We’’re still going to have a few sweet treats but this year I’’m determined to make cute Valentine’’s Day food ideas that are healthy too.

Healthy Valentine's Day Themed Food Ideas

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Ready to be inspired?  There are soups, salads, sandwiches and more! Just look at these cute and tasty creations:  tomato hearts, heart-shaped PB & J sandwich, roasted heart potatoes, strawberry goat cheese salad, Thai green curry chicken, sweet chili baked brie, tomato soup with heart-shaped grilled cheese, heart-shaped personal pizzas, heart-shaped wedge salad, frozen yogurt bark, Valentine’’s Day fruit messages (and printable labels), heart-shaped sushi, watermelon hearts, heart-shaped eggs, chicken soup with heart-shaped carrots, heart-shaped fruit salad, and heart milk cubes! Bonus: several of these sites have even more Valentine menu ideas.

Valentines Food Ideas for Kids Party

1. Tomato Heart :: Eye Candy
Cupid strikes again! Only 2 cuts are needed to turn a cherry tomato into a heart! Add a cute arrow food pick for an adorable veggie tray idea.

Party Food Ideas for Kids Valentines Day

2. Heart Shaped PB & J Sandwich ::  School Bites 
Surprise your kiddos with some love in their lunch! Use heart-shaped cookie cutters to create these heart-shaped PB & J Sandwiches.

no bake heart shaped granola bites

3. No-Bake Heart-Shaped Granola Bites :: How About Cookie
These healthy, cute, no-bake heart-shaped granola bites make a quick grab-and-go snack for kids. The heart shape is easily made using a silicone ice tray.

Party Food Ideas for Kids Valentines Day

4. Printable Valentine’’s Day Fruit Labels :: Alpha Mom
Fresh, sweet fruit is a healthy alternative to candy. Print these adorable Valentine’s Day fruit labels and send a surprise to your kiddos at school.

Cute Food Ideas for Kids Valentines Day Party

5. Valentine’’s Day Salad :: Workman Family
Did you know you could say “I love you” with a salad? I didn’t either. But this Valentine’s Day salad is genius! Heart shaped cucumbers and “Xs and Os” shaped from cheese make this a perfect pick for Love Day.

Valentines Day Food Idea for Kids Party

6. Strawberry-Goat Cheese Salad :: Spaceships and Laser Beams 
You can’t beat a 3-ingredient salad. This Strawberry-goat cheese salad incorporates baby spring mix greens, crumbled goat cheese and fresh strawberries (+ dressing).

Party food ideas for Kids Valentines Day

7. Thai Green Curry Chicken :: Spaceships and Laser Beams 
Treat your loved ones to this delicious Thai Green Curry Chicken recipe.  They will feel the love when they see your heart-shaped red bell pepper accents.

Baked Brie Kids Party Food for Valentines Day

8. Sweet Chili Baked Brie :: Spaceships and Laser Beams 
Heart shaped baked brie? Yes please! The recipe is delicious and so easy!

Valentines Day Soup Ideas for Kids Party

9. Tomato Soup with Heart-Shaped Grilled Cheese :: Meaningful Mama 
Why serve regular grilled cheese and tomato soup when you can serve heart-shaped grilled cheese and tomato soup? The transformation only takes ten seconds with a heart-shaped cookie cutter.

Mini Valentines Day Pizza for Kids

10. Heart-Shaped Personal Pizzas :: Once Upon a Cutting Board
Valentine’s Day dinner doesn’t get any cuter than heart-shaped personal pizzas with heart-shaped toppings (tomatoes, pepperoni, red peppers and roasted peppers). Plus, store bought pizza dough makes this an easy go-to idea.

Valentines Day Food Ideas for Kids

11. Heart-Shaped Wedge Salad with Bacon Hearts :: Pretty Prudent 
Would you believe an ordinary metal heart-shaped cookie cutter is what gives this wedge salad its shape? Check out how heart-shaped bacon and hardboiled eggs are prepared.

12 Frozen Yogurt Bark

12. Frozen Yogurt Bark:: The Nutritionist Reviews
Yogurt, strawberries, coconut, and chocolate shavings. Is your mouth watering?

Valentines Day Lunch Ideas for Kids

13. Valentine’’s Day Fruit Message :: Cake Whiz 
Imagine the looks on your loved ones’ faces when they pull out these sweet Valentine’s Day fruit messages! They are easy to make using an edible food marker. I’m loving all the love messages that coordinate with fruit!

Cute Valentines Day Sushi idea

14. Heart-Shaped Sushi :: Holly’s Helpings 
Serve up your own fancy dinner for Valentine’s Day this year by creating this heart-shaped sushi. It’s easier than you think.

Watermelon Hearts Kids Party Food Ideas

15. Watermelon Hearts :: The Otchipotchi Blog 
Mini heart-shaped cookie cutters help transform this watermelon into the cutest watermelon heart salad you’ve ever seen. 

Kids Party Food Heart Eggs Valentines Day

16. How to Make a Heart-Shaped Egg :: Anna the Red 
Did you know you can make a heart-shaped egg? Follow this Japanese method. 

17. Heart-Shaped Fruit Salad :: Little Wonders’’ Day 
Kids love fruit! Serve up a heart-shaped fruit salad by arranging halved strawberries, a few sliced kiwis plus a handful of blueberries and raspberries, on a heart-shaped plate.

18. Heart Milk Cubes :: A Subtle Revelry 
Don’t serve up boring beverages ever again!  Add these heart cubes made from milk and food coloring.  The process is so simple, but the results are adorable.

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Cute food ideas for Valentine's Day

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