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10 Must-Try Yummy Sandwich Recipes: Great Food Ideas for Your Next Party

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Looking for a great party food to share to a crowd? The mighty sandwich is where it is at.

When you’re trying to plan a menu for a party, sometimes simple is better. At least if you want to keep your sanity. But while the the sandwich may be a classic, there’s nothing tired about these sandwich recipes. We’ve gathered together 10 yummy options that could easily make their way into your next event — whether it is a birthday party or a family gathering (or lunch too).


1. Sourdough Veggie Sandwich from Taste of Home

2. Mini-Reuben from Raison & Fig

3. Grilled Bacon, Avocado & Cheese Sandwich from The Kitchen Life of a Navy Wife

4. Spicy Grilled Cheese Sandwich from Grilled Recipe

5. Easy Egg Sandwich from Hungry Runner

6. Saratoga Club Sandwich from The Taste

7. California Sandwich from Ezra Pound Cake

8. BBQ Chicken Sandwich from Taste of Home

9. French Dip Sandwich from Picture Perfect Deals

10. Healthier Club Sandwich from Healthy, Happy Life

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