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10 Healthy Dessert Recipes

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Even if you’re not on a diet, these healthy dessert options are great!

When I have a party, I almost always have a full dessert table. But I make sure that at least one of the items is healthy such as fruit — and I have begun offering smaller serving sizes as well as selecting lighter version of some of our favorite desserts. Here are some of the best substitutes I have found, but, rest assured, they in no way have substituted taste. These 10 awesome recipes include a fabulous chocolate fruit dip, baked peaches, a healthy pumpkin pie recipe, carrot cake with butternut squash hidden in it, chocolate cake with pumpkin hidden in it, homemade fudgesicles and a Weight Watchers black forest sundae recipe. Enjoy!

Healthy Dessert Ideas and Recipes

1. Baked Peaches from Thirty-One 10: As a healthy dessert, this is just about perfect. It’s delicious and not too many calories.

Homemade Fudgesicles

2. Homemade Fudgesicles from The Sweet Spot Blog: With just four ingredients, this is such a great treat. If you’re looking for the Zoku popsicle maker she uses, it is here.

Healthy Chocolate Fruit Dip

3. Creamy Nutella Fruit Dip from Wonky Wonderful: Although I enjoy my Nutella right off the spoon, when mixed with healthy Greek yogurt, it makes a great dip.

4. Popcorn Ball Snacks from The Pinning Mama: A version of crispy rice treats that uses popcorn instead.

Healthy Pumpkin Pie Recipe

5. Healthy Pumpkin Pie Recipe from Thirty-One 10: This is such a great recipe, instead of sugar she uses honey and part of a banana. She also uses coconut milk instead of evaporated milk.

6. Black Forest Sundae Recipe from Slash Dot Mom: If you follow Weight Watcher’s point system, you will love this one as it is only 4 points and so decadent. The kids will NEVER know either.

Carrott Cake with Butternut Squash

7. Nutty Carrot Cake with Butternut Squash from Bakerette: Carrot, butternut squash, and applesauce…all disguised in this cake. Love it.

8.  Low-fat Gingerbread Recipe with Raisins from Bakerette: With only 0.4 grams of fat per serving, this version of gingerbread cake is egg and dairy-free.

Diet Chocolate Cake

9. Skinny but Delicious Chocolate Cake from crazylou: A chocolate cake mix and can of pumpkin is all you need!

10. Creamy Fudge Pie with Mixed Nut Pie Crust from SusieQTpies Cafe: This sweet treat is vegan/dairy-free and gluten free.

Looking for healthy dessert ideas?

By now you know I am obsessed with cookbooks. Here are some of my healthy dessert picks:

Looking for dessert table ideas?

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