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Unique Valentine’s Gift for Teachers

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Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

I’ve never considered myself an extremely lucky person when it comes to winning things. What I am blessed with is a wonderful family. Not only am I a lucky girl to have such a wonderful husband in Mike, becoming Sam’s mom truly made me feel like the luckiest woman on earth. This year, one of the other things we have counted our lucky stars for is our choice of school for Sam’s first year. It’s a wonderful place that has allowed his confidence to grow. It’s amazing how much he has blossomed since September. His two Junior Kindergarten teachers have been a true joy and are owed so much of the credit. Along with the Valentine’s we will be giving his school friends, I wanted to do a special gift for them as well.

Inexpensive and unique teacher gift idea

It is so fun to see things through Sam’s eyes. He is so tender hearted and gets genuinely excited over the smallest things. It’s so dear! I have mentioned before that one thing that is sure to get Sam excited every time are his Kinder eggs. There is something so magical to him about opening up an egg to find out what surprise is inside. I never get tired of watching him discover what’s hidden inside.

Unique Valentine Gift Ideas

I knew if we based his gift for his teachers around Kinder eggs, Sam would be super excited in the process. I filled small, white glossy 3×3 gift boxes with shredded paper and placed a Kinder® Crack’n Win® egg. His teachers certainly deserve a special treat so I hope luck is on their side!! 

I then created a label reading “I think you’re an egg-cellent teacher” and printed it on photo paper so it had the same glossy look at the box — and glued it to the lid. I also created a second version that said “I think you’re an egg-cellent friend” to use for gifts for some of his besties. They ended up looking sooo cute that I cannot wait to hand them out.

Right now, there is the chance for an even bigger surprise than normal inside specially marked Kinder eggs {these are the ones I put in my gifts, I am excited to see if someone we know will win}. There are $2.4 million in prizes with their new contest kicking off 2014! The specially marked Kinder® Crack’n Win® eggs have a PIN embossed on the toy or leaflet inside the capsule. Once you have your code, you can enter their incredibly easy contest.

Just visit the Kinder® Canada Facebook Page and like them. Then, just enter your PIN and click “Check Your PIN” to see what you’ve won.   Some of the prizes include: a Fiat 500 POP, two trips to Orlando, 27,000 family movie night prizes, plus 21,000 Kinder® treats. Talk about starting off 2014 with some fabulous prizes!

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