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Superheroes Party Favor Idea – Fort Kits

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How’s this for an awesome superheroes party favor. I am in love with this idea, which comes by way of the blog Meg + Andy. Her son was invited to a superhero party and so she made it as a gift for the birthday boy. But I can totally see it is the BEST super hero birthday favors ever. I cannot imagine a boy in the world who wouldn’t want to go home with one of these puppies.

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One of my best memories as a child is my grandmother helping me build a blanket fort. I’d read in there. Eat in there (when she let me) and even take a nap in there. And now my three-year-old son Sam has carried on the tradition in our house.

The supplies for the fort pictured came to a total of $13 and included sheets, a flashlight, clamps and clothes pins. But certainly you could vary the cost and contents to fit your own budget. Be sure to visit the original post on Meg + Andy to see more photos as well as the step-by-step instructions on how this was made.

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Stephanie Keeping

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