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Superhero Popcorn Party Cups {Birthday Ideas}

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Yesterday, I featured the superhero cupcake ideas that formed part of a superhero dessert table that we just photographed — which incorporated our new Cake Crusaders superhero birthday party supplies. I wanted to follow it up with another sneak peek of an easy DIY I did for the dessert table. By adding a simple cape made of felt, these mason jars — that popcorn was served in — turned into instant superhero fun.

All you need to make these are:

  • squares of felt (available at craft or fabric stores or the craft sections of big box stores)
  • mason jars
  • 2″ circle decals from our superhero party collection
  • Pen to sketch out cape pattern on felt, scissors to cut
  • Good quality glue stick to put the decal on with

Tip: When you cut the hole for the cape, cut it much smaller than the neck of the jar. That way you just stretch it over the jar and it will fit snugly.

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Stephanie Keeping

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