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Summer Lovin’ + a Toy Makeover

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Ever notice how fast this month’s prized toy gets bumped from a kid’s favorite list? When my guys lost interest in their once beloved slide, I decided it needed a makeover. It became a bat slide, a water bat slide, and it was suddenly the coolest thing ever. Literally! But Robin quickly flew into trouble. Holy headache, Batman! Thanks for saving the day CURAD and thanks to Socialstars #CURAD #SoothePlus for sponsoring this post.

Summer Lovin' + a Toy Makeover

It’s summer. It’s Arizona. It’s hot. So hot I can’t let my small fry play outside mid-day for very long.

They get a little bored being in the house and I try to compensate by making the most of the early or late hours of fresh air time when the sun isn’t so brutal.

When I pulled their old slide out of the garage, I told the boys we were going to have an adventure on the back patio. They could hardly wait to see what the slide had to do with it.

Batman Slide Toy Makeover

They were content to keep themselves busy while Ryan and I worked on the slide makeover.

Toy Hack

When everything was painted and fully dry, my boys were ready to undertake mighty exploits. Kids’ imaginations are amazing!

Little Tykes Toy Makeover

But knees skinned on the pavement are not amazing. Especially when you were having so much fun.

While Batman continued to dash from one imaginary scene to another, his little sidekick needed TLC.

Kid's Outdoor Slide

CURAD SoothePlus Medium Non-Stick Pads with ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda mollified the small superhero when I told him even hospitals use dressings like this to soothe owies and reduce wound odor.

Curad Gauze

He didn’t really understand what I meant but we both felt better knowing I was using the best product to make him comfortable. And I got a super, superhero hug to boot!

Applying Curad Gauze

Just as cuts and scrapes are an inevitable part of rough and tumble boyhood, toys do cycle in and out of attention. Keep the romance going a little longer by adding spray paint, a squirt of water, and a dash of imagination. You might even get called the coolest mom.

So here’s to toy makeovers and here’s how to make a kiddie slide into a Bat Slide—it’s easy!

Batman Slide Makeover

Batman Slide Makeover


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  • 2 cans each of yellow and black spray paint (must be a kind specifically for plastic)
  • painter’s tape
  • vinyl
  • plastic wrap (the big rolls for moving work better but the kind you use in the kitchen will work)
  • Batman logo


1. Start by cleaning the slide, making sure it’s free from all dirt.

2. Dry completely.

3. Holding the can about 12 inches from the slide, evenly spray the slide yellow, then paint over the logo on the side of the slide.  Allow to dry according to paint directions.

4. Once the yellow part is completely dry, use painter’s tape and plastic wrap to cover the slide.  Use painter’s tape to cover up the yellow logo on the sides.

5. Spray paint the steps black.  Allow to dry according to package directions.

For bat signal on the sides:
1. Trace the Batman logo onto vinyl.

2. Use an Exact-o knife to cut out the logo, creating a template.

3. Place over the yellow on the side and make sure the vinyl is pressed down and sealed well.

4.Paint with black spray paint.

5. Allow to dry for 20 minutes; remove vinyl template.


Because I do first and think later, you’ll see in the photo I tried wrapping the steps with plastic wrap.  It was a pain to do by myself and when I got all done, I realized it didn’t matter if the steps were wrapped or not because they were going to get painted black!  So, I didn’t worry about it being perfect.  Then when it came time to wrap the slide, my husband helped me.  It created the perfect seal and overspray protection.

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