5 Party Activities and Crafts for Kids {Fall Party Ideas}

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Looking for kids activities or crafts for a fall party?

Here are 5 of my favorite ideas for a fall birthday party – or just about any time of the year. They’re easy, budget-friendly and, best of all, loads of fun. We have both a DIY apple stamp and a potato stamp as well as ideas for a pumpkin carving contest an owl made out of a re-purposed toilet paper roll and more!

Fall Party Activities and Craft Ideas

Here’s 5 of my favorite activities and crafts for any fall party:

1. Apple Stamping from The Juggling Act Mama: I started doing some apple stamping with Sam last year and he loves it. What better craft for a party in the fall?

DIY Potato Stamps

2. DIY Potato Stamps from The Juggling Act Mama; While we’re talking about making stamps out of food, you’ll also want to check out this post. It’s a tiny bit more involved but still plenty of fun for fall party.

3. Puffy Paint Pillow Covers from Truly Lovely: I think this would be great fun for older kids. Especially if they could then display their creations on their own bed!

4. DIY Monster Cups from Chicken Scratch NY: Total dual purpose activity. The kids decorate these adorable cups then use them during the meal.

5. Re-purposed Owl Toilet Paper Roll from Simple and Trendy: To me, owls scream fall woodland party. These darling little owls made from toilet paper rolls would be a great themed activity.

Pumpkin Carving Contest

6. Hold a Pumpkin Carving Contest from The Sweet Spot Blog: You could even make this an annual neighborhood tradition!

Looking for fall-themed party supplies? Here are some of my picks:

More Great Fall Party Ideas

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