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Painted Pumpkin Ideas for Halloween

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How fun is a painted pumpkin for Halloween?

While my little guy, Sam, loves carving a pumpkin, I have to admit that I am not a fan. I do it for him but I don’t love having to reach in the pumpkin and pull out all its “guts.” Anyone else with me on this? I love the idea of a painted pumpkin. You don’t have to be a master pumpkin carver and there’s not a lot of mess. I know he has his heart set on carving a Jack o Lantern but I am thinking a painted pumpkin might be a great option for a second pumpkin in the little vignette we have on our doorstep. I am especially in love with the ghost gourd! How cute is that guy? The pumpkin with the spider painted on the side is great too as it is simple to do but looks impressive. But even if you’re not an artist of any kind, just painting the words “Happy Halloween” across the front of the pumpkin can be very effective too.

Painted Pumpkin Ideas

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