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Kids’ Truck Painting

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It’s summertime…and the livin’ is easy…and the kids are gettin’ bored.  We have a fun idea your boys will love, and you will too, because this is easy to set up. According to Paging Fun Mums, it’s the kind of project that keeps kids engaged for a long while. We found this cool idea for making tracks with truck/car painting over at Paging Fun Mums’ blog.

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It’s a little bit messy—but just the kind of messy that boys love and moms can tolerate! Take the project outside and let your little artist create en plein air. You know—all that healthy fresh air is good for kids—and coincidently, any extraneous paint will plop on the ground instead of on your carpet! In addition to the fun of doing, your little truck driver will also be learning an art lesson in color theory as he combines colors on his track.

Go to Paging Fun Mums for a really good idea to make reusable sponge paint kits that work well for this project. They also have several paint recipes if you’d like to try making your own.

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What is your go-to craft idea when your kids get bored?

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