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Kid’s Project Idea: Tulip Painting

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I LOVE flowers…the colors, the scents. I love picking them, giving them, and especially receiving them from my guys.  So of course when I saw this cute flower art project from Blog Me Mom, it caught my attention. Most older boys are less than excited about painting flowers but I figure it’s never too early to teach a little guy how much girls like them; it’s one of those necessary life lessons! Besides, when an art project is simple enough for a toddler to produce such cute results, that’s a win in my book!

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Suja and Deepa, from Blog Me Mom, have lots of interesting art, craft and learning activities to engage the younger set. Be sure to visit them for an explanation of their successful flower painting technique and look around for more project ideas. I’m sure you’ll find several to use with your budding Monet!

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