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Kid’s Party Crafts: Sponge Water Bombs

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We love these sponge water bombs! They are a super kid’s party craft and a way for kids to cool off a little. I like them MUCH better than water balloons – I have spent way too much time filling balloons that are gone within minutes. The sponge bombs don’t hurt like water balloons can, nor do they leave the rubber residue all over. I’ve seen several ways to make the sponge bombs but I think Jenn, from Endlessly Inspired, has come up with the safest and best way to do it.

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Jenn says she made her six sponge bombs in about ten minutes and they cost under $8. That’s a whole lot of fun for not much of an investment! Go to her site to see her quick method of producing these summer wonders.

While you’re at Jenn’s site you might want to also look at her post, 40 Fun DIY Gifts for Men. Unless you can knit a sweater, I think it is more difficult to find really great DIY gift ideas for guys. I saw several that I got excited about…or should I say Endlessly Inspired by?

These water games will make a splash at your next party!

What’s your favorite DIY Party Game?

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