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Holiday DIY: Snowman Candle Holder

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This is a sponsored campaign on behalf of Teleflora and Millennial Blogs but all opinions of flowers and happily-ever-afters are mine alone.

Have you ever been to a December wedding? I don’t know too many people who have chosen to get married during the holidays, but my grandparents did. They‘re celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary today! Isn’t that awesome? They said 65 years ago the whole world looked like it was decorated for the occasion. It was snowing big, fluffy flakes that day and the lacy white outlined every shape. So romantic!

Snowman Candle Holder from a Vase

They met in the most amazing way.

Nannie lived in Michigan and Papa lived in Ohio. Both of their high school graduating classes were taking trips to New York City. On the first night there, a group of guys pounded on the shared wall between the guys’ and girls’ rooms and kept Nannie and her girlfriends awake most of the night. The next night, the girls decided they would pound on the wall and keep those silly boys awake. What they didn’t know, however, was that group of boys checked out during the day and Papa’s crowd checked in.

When the girls began pounding on the wall, all the guys from Papa’s room came next door to see what all that pounding was. Papa and Nannie were smitten with each other at first glance! The group went sight-seeing in New York City but Papa and Nannie liked looking at each other most of all.

At the end of the class trips, Papa and Nannie exchanged addresses. They corresponded during the summer and Papa came to see Nannie and meet her family in Michigan, but they only saw each other a handful of times. In September Papa left for college and a football scholarship in Florida. He lasted one day in Florida. He couldn’t get Nannie off his mind! They were married six months after they met and they’ve lived happily ever after!

Teleflora Christmas Bouquet

To celebrate, this week I sent them a Teleflora By Golly, It’s Jolly Bouquet. It’s beautiful! Nannie loves the gracious look of flowers anytime but she said these especially add so much life to her Christmas décor. Red and white tulips look fresh and the Douglas fir and white pine smell divine! Papa loves peppermint so I suspect he’ll take care of the candy canes.

Teleflora Christmas Bouquet

Nannie is sentimental so I know she’ll keep the vase the arrangement came in. Now a vase is a good thing to have on hand, but I came up with this cute idea to repurpose it: a snowman luminary.

Snowman Candle



  • Vase
  • White acrylic paint
  • Black buttons
  • Glue dots (or glue)
  • Scarf (fabric scrap or ribbon)
  • Candle (real or LED)

Repurpose a Glass Vase

How to Repurpose a Vase

Snowman Craft Idea

Snowman Craft Candle Holder


  1. Squeeze a generous amount of paint inside the vase. Roll the vase, twirl it, until the interior is paint covered. Patience is a virtue.
  2. Put glue dots on the buttons and place them on the outside of the vase to give Snowman some personality.
  3. Tie a scarf around Snowman’s “neck”.
  4. When the vase interior is fully dried, place a candle inside and watch him glow.

Fun Snowman Candle Holder

So I guess the moral of the story is this: always answer a knock at the door. It might be Prince Charming…or the florist delivering a gorgeous bouquet!

Snowman Candle Holder


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