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Glitter Pine Cone Christmas Craft Idea for Kids

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Are you a do-it-all mom? Especially around holiday time there’s a lot of stress. But I’ve learned a secret and it’s changing the way I look at the entire season.

Glitter Pine Cone Christmas Craft Idea for Kids

The pressure to create perfect Christmas memories can grow like those toy drop-in-water capsules that make expanding giant dinosaurs. But if you stall on must-be perfect, your kids will be grown up and out the door before you can get it all right.

Pine Cone Kid's Craft

We’re making Christmas ornaments this year. The idea is to send them to grandparents (hope you’re not reading Mom).

I get everything ready but when we sit down to start my little guy won’t sit still. He says he can’t.

Thinking it is just little boy antics, I put on my best Merry Mom smile to cajole him. But he is uncharacteristically distracted.

That’s when Detective Mom makes the discovery that my little guy really can’t sit still. He’s been potty training but a long night in a saturated diaper is the cause of his temporary discomfort.

Desitin Extra Strength

Doctor Mom whips out DESITIN® and covers his irritated bum with the thick, rich, hypoallergenic maximum strength paste. I am not messing around.

With a long to-do list and crafts at the ready, there is no time to waste. From experience, I know the zinc oxide formula will make him comfortable pronto. It’s the strongest treatment available without a prescription.

I am right. DESITIN®…all it’s cracked up to be.

Easy Christmas Craft Ideas

Back to crafting with a little guy who is finally sitting still. I want these ornaments to look great. After all, we’re gifting them.

Teacher Mom asks about the color’s names, talks about the meaning of Christmas, explains the best way to make the ornaments.

Little Guy has his own ideas. They take longer than mine. They don’t look as photo perfect as my ideas.

Ticking clock. Tightening stomach. Tense shoulders. Furrowed brow.

Little Guy looks up at me with a surprised, hurt expression as Harried Mom “fixes” his creation.

That look drains the aggravation right out of me. Why am I feeling so stressed? My discovery?

Most of it is self-made.

I’m learning.  It’s much better to say “good enough” with laughter and love and make fun memories.

That’s super, Mom.

Pine Cone Ornament Craft

Here’s what it takes to make these adorable ornaments:

  • kraft paper to protect the table
  • pots of magic (embellishments)
  • green paint
  • Modge Podge
  • foam brushes
  • paper plates
  • giant pine cones
  • twine, wood frame and a knob if you opt for the display

Modge Podge Christmas Craft

Use the foam brush to add Modge Podge or paint to tips of the pine cones. Add chosen embellishments. The little “gold” balls I used were foam—the perfect size and weight.

Easy DIY Ornament Box

Kid's Christmas Pine Cone Ornament

The finished “trees” look great standing on their own if you have flat-bottomed cones. A simple wood drawer “frame” gives the ornament star status. Tie twine around the top of the pine cone to suspend it.

Layne Henderson

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