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Back to School Party Free Printable Cupcake Wrappers

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So are you having a little back-to-school party for your kids this year? Whether you invite friends or simply make it a family affair, I think celebrating the new school season is an awesome idea to boost excitement for the upcoming opportunities.

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Even if you don’t host a neighborhood party, a few sweet decorations add to the fun and anticipation of the first day of school. And I have yet to find a child who doesn’t think cupcakes should be part of a celebration! Cute, themed cupcake wraps make them even better. And when the wraps are FREE? Even better!

You can see how I first used these cupcake wrappers at a party for Sam and his friends here. The wraps come in white, black, red and blue so they can fit in with lots of color schemes.

I think the wraps would also be great to use for classroom parties. In addition to dressing up cupcakes, they could be used to embellish other items—like snack cups—too.

I don’t host a back-to-school party every year, but I do at least mark the occasion for Sam by making a special treat. Making much of the everyday moments seems to add some happy to even simple times.

Make your kids happy. Make yourself happy:  download your own FREE printable cupcake wraps here!

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