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Easy Party Favors Using Kinder Eggs

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Disclosure: I’m part of the KINDER® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliate with this group. The opinions on my blog are my own.

Sam is obsessed with Kinder® Eggs, Crazy obsessed. My whole family can attest to this fact. I often tell that story of walking into a massive toy store, where Sam has $50 from his grandmother to buy anything he likes. What do we leave with? Three Kinder Eggs and a ton of money left over. He, however, was thrilled beyond belief. When the latest Kinder® Surprise® Limited Edition Marvel Heroes and Princess eggs arrived at our doorstep, Sam’s excitement level was off the charts. He would have opened all 48 in 20 minutes if I let him. He was over the moon with anticipation about what characters would be hidden each egg. Two in three eggs contains one of the limited edition Marvel Heroes or Disney Princesses for the eggs that are pink on top!

Easy Party Favor Idea

Instead of having him keep them all himself, we picked out a few that he could open and talked about the importance of sharing. He even decided that he would share some with his class at school. {Check out the photo on Instagram} With the rest, I wanted to make cute gifts for some of his friends on our street. I kept looking at the eggs and wondering what I could do and thought I would create a pompom and pipe cleaner ostrich to sit on top of an egg. Who wouldn’t, right? LOL

Easy Party Favor Idea

All you need for these craft are pompoms, pipe cleaners and googly eyes. If you’re making them yourself, you can use a hot glue gun to stick everything together. But it’s such an easy project, you may want to get your kids involved. Instead of hot glue, I used some stick on velcro so Sam could put the pieces together himself. Once you have the ostrich assembled, you perch it atop the Kinder Egg and adhere it will a glue dot (I stuck another on the bottom so they egg could stand but if you’re delivering these door to door, you will want to put them in a cute cello bag. What is great about these latest collections is that whether kids are into superheros or princesses, they get an awesome surprise inside.

Want to see more? Right now, you can head over and take a peek at the collection on the KinderCanada Facebook page. You and your child can vote for your favorite as well! Sam had a hard time choosing, as he grew more excited with each one. But he’s decided that he likes the red Spiderman the best, followed by Captain America. Of the Princesses, Sleeping Beauty is his choice. She’s mine too!

P.S. Because I couldn’t resist, here’s Sam opening his eggs. I melt every time he says Incredible Hulk.


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