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Easy DIY Planters

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Cute and easy, these little DIY planters are a fun kid’s project to get ready for spring!

I’m excited to partner with Mirum to bring you this clever idea.

You guys, I am beyond ready for winter to be over. 

It started off mild enough. I actually remember (foolishly) thinking around Christmas that maybe we just weren’t going to have a bad winter this year. 

Oh, I was wrong. So wrong. 

January and February have dragged on, seeming to last years, with loads of snow and germs. The temperature was below zero for daaaays, meaning it hurt your face to even step outside. 

The kids have had a total of 14 unplanned snow days, on top of other random scheduled days off. 

And don’t even get me started on the germs that have ravaged our family. We’ve had our fair share of sick days spent curled up at home as well. 

All that to say, I am ready for warmth and glorious sunshine in abundance any minute now. 

With the promise of spring within our grasp, I’ve been in full spring cleaning mode. Out with the old and in with the new! 

I love to deep clean and update our home — especially after such a tough winter. 

One room that is really ready for a good cleaning and refresh is the bathroom. 

I’m scrubbing every surface… goodbye germs! 

Plus, cleaning out the cupboards and stocking up on our favorites… goodbye half-empty bottles… hello fresh, new scents! 

While purging, I was inspired to create a little DIY upcycle with the empty containers I was clearing out. 

I knew the boys would enjoy a colorful project so I enlisted their help and imagination. More on that in a minute.

Suave Products at CVS

Before we started our project, I headed to CVS to stock up on our favorite Suave products. They’ve got great items for the entire family, available at one, easy stop at CVS. 

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Suave at CVS

Here are the items we love:

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Ryan loves the Suave Men’s Active Sport Body Wash. It has a fresh, manly scent with a hint of spice that creates a rich lather to leave skin feeling moisturized and energized. 

I use the Suave Ocean Breeze Body Wash — it smells like clear blue sky and fresh breezes with sandalwood and freesia. Packed with Vitamin E, it leaves my skin feeling wonderful all day. I also love their Suave Keratin Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner. It helps prevent frizz and keeps my hair soft, manageable, and smooth. 

For the boys, the Suave Kids 3 in 1 Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash is the perfect solution. It’s tear free formula is perfect since they still have the wiggles. It leaves them squeaky clean and fresh, with no residue. We love it. 

Suave Products for Whole Family at CVS

Once you’ve grabbed the best Suave products at CVS, you can get rid of all the half-empty bottles floating around your cupboard. 

That’s where this fun little DIY project comes in. It’s a great kid’s activity that they’ll enjoy doing. 

Plus, this little DIY planter is so fun to display some fresh plants. It’s also a great option for a little keepsake gift for someone you love. 

DIY Planters

Ready? Let’s create! 

Supplies for Easy DIY Planters

  • Old shampoo/body wash bottles
  • Mod Podge*
  • tissue paper squares
  • foam brushes
  • rocks
  • succulent
  • razor blade
  • about ½ cup of dirt for cactus (they have dirt specifically for cactus, succulents, and citrus, be sure to ask your local nursery)

**If you don’t have Modge Podge, you can mix ½ cup of white glue with ¼ cup of water.

How to Make DIY Planters

Start by removing the label from the old shampoo bottle and rinse out the inside. 

Measure the height of the succulent in its pot. Using a razor blade, cut the bottle to the same height as the plant’s pot.

How to Make DIY Planter

Spread a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the planter and cover with tissue paper.  Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge on top. 

When the planters have been covered, place on a paper towel to let dry. You can set it outside in the sun to speed up this process. If you have sunshine. 😉 

Once they have dried, place a thin layer of rock in the bottom of the planter, which will help with drainage. 

Easy DIY Planters

Pour about a tablespoon of soil on top of the rocks.  Remove the succulents from their pots by gently turning them upside down.  If they do not come out, make a cut down the side with a razor blade. 

Place the succulent inside the planter.  Gently press down the plant into the planter so the soil is even with the top of the planter.  Add any additional soil around the edges.

Be sure to remember to water your succulent according to its directions, usually once every 5-7 days. 


Easy DIY Planters

Fresh plants and a super cute little planter to go with it. 

I love how they turned out. The boys had so much fun creating the bright color patterns with the tissue paper and Mod Podge. 

I’m happy to have a refreshed bathroom and bursts of color to enjoy. 

Easy DIY Planters for Succulents

Go grab your Suave products at CVS now and then head home to create these cute little DIY planters! 

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