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Easy Dinosaur Craft

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A dinosaur theme is a popular boy birthday party idea. When I’m party planning, in addition to creating a festive ambiance with decorations, birthday cake, and favors, I always try to find something that will immediately pull guests into the party atmosphere. So after welcoming guests to your celebration, what do you do—or more accurately—what do the kids do—while waiting for all of the other kids? I’ve found it is helpful to have an activity planned so guests can join in as soon as they arrive. It tends to help them feel more comfortable because there is something that engages their attention. Plus—you know that old saying of idle hands being the devil’s workshop? Having something to do helps keep those busiest little guys out of trouble!

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Here’s a simple dinosaur craft that’s fun for the kids and easy to set up. You’ll want something fairly simple like this that the kids can do themselves because you are likely to be greeting the next guests and talking with the other moms as everyone arrives.

You’ll PROBABLY want to cover the table surface at your craft station for ease of clean-up after the party (don’t ask), but you really only need three items to do this:

  • Paper/cardboard; we used sandpaper, which I really like because of the texture with the dinosaurs, plus the sandpaper is sturdy
  • Pasta; we used penne, again because of the extra texture dimension
  • Glue

If you want colored pasta, use the alcohol and food coloring method for brilliant colors if the kids are old enough not to put it in their mouths. Depending on how much pasta you want, put it in bowls (don’t cook it) and pour in enough alcohol to cover the pasta. Add drops of food coloring in your chosen shades. Let that soak overnight (or about 8 hours). Drain the liquid. Put paper towels on something such as cookie sheets and pour the pasta on the paper towels. Let it thoroughly dry; this takes at least a couple of hours. It depends on how much you’ve made.

You can use this idea for other themes, too: silly monsters and robots work especially well. By the time the party is over, the dinosaur masterpieces are dry and ready to take home!

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What’s your favorite dinosaur DIY craft your kids love?

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