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DIY Mini Superhero Shield

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As anyone who ever saw The Incredibles knows, capes can be an occupational hazard. Shields, however, are entirely necessary — as any Superhero kid can tell you. At least, that’s the stance my son takes.

He loves to play Superhero; he loves to wear masks; but capes…not so much. That’s why I decided to make a shield for him and he loves it.

DIY Boy's Superhero Shield

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Whether you want to encourage your son’’s imagination or if you’’ve got a boy’s superhero theme birthday party coming up, this easy DIY shield is a fun project for both of you.

Pair these shields with eye masks (and even capes!) and use them at each guests’ place setting for a party favor that also makes a terrific decoration.

DIY Superhero Shield Supplies:

  • foam circle; ours is about 8” in diameter
  • foam star; ours is about 10”
  • 2 small pieces of felt; ours are 1 ½” wide X 7” long and 2 ½” wide x 3 ½” tall (or a piece of Velcro)
  • craft knife
  • scissors
  • hot glue

1. Cut a piece of felt that is long enough to go around your child’s wrist, with enough length for an overlap to glue. My original idea was that it would slip over my son’s hand and he’d wear the shield on his wrist, but usually he just holds onto it like it’s a handle.

Boy's Superhero Shield DIY Idea

2. Make two parallel slits in the middle of the foam circle, long enough for your felt to fit through and a 1 ½” apart. Insert the felt in the slits, overlap the ends and hot glue them together.

3. On the other side, hot glue the foam star in the middle of the circle.

4. Add a felt initial to customize or a lightning bolt would work if you’re getting ready for a party.

How to Make a Boy's Superhero Shield Birthday Party Ideas

That’s all there is to it: easy! You’’ll find making a Superhero happy makes you a super mom!

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About the Creator: Suzie Boluarte Suzie Boluarte is a mom to a very active boy name Caiden, who keeps her on her toes all day long. She shares DIYs, Parties and Everything else in between on her blog, Project: Party Perfect. You can also find her on FacebookInstagramPinterest and Twitter.

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