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DIY Laundry Room Artwork

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Here’s a cute piece of DIY laundry room artwork.

I spend way too much time in the laundry room. I decided if I must be in there, at least it’s going to look and smell good. I have a cute DIY piece of laundry room artwork!
DIY Laundry Room Artwork

Since becoming a mom, I’ve done a lot of nasty jobs and cleaned up more yuck than I ever dreamed would be necessary.

Use your imagination.

Those jobs have given me a whole new appreciation for every product that simplifies my tasks. They are also the genesis of my dreams of empty laundry baskets.

I cannot believe the amount of laundry my guys generate.

DIY Laundry Room Artwork

Although they are tubbed and scrubbed when they leave for school, invariably my littles come home with snack-time dribbles, lunch-time stains, and playground grime.

My older son is past that. He brings me fiercely dirty baseball uniforms, football jerseys and pants with ornery stains.

And things I don’t even want to touch.

Laundry Room Ideas

I’ve discovered that a mom can’t afford to throw out the clothes-that-must-not-be-touched as often as she’d like.


Laundry Room Makeover


And for moms who must spend so much time in the laundry room, I suggest adding a little flair to the vicinity. You’re going to like this easy DIY laundry room artwork.

Easy Laundry Room Artwork

If you can print the alphabet, use a sharp knife, and choose pretty paper, you’re golden.

Laundry Room Artwork



  • printable with letters printed on cardstock
  • patterned scrapbook paper
  • sharp X-ACTO or utility knife or razor blade
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • 6.5 x 25.5 piece of wood (I purchased mine from a craft store)
  • twine
  • mini clothespins
  • tacks

How To

1. Print out letters on card stock.
2. Cut out the rectangles with the letters on them.  Make sure you don’t leave any of the outline on the card when you cut.
3. Use the X-ACTO/sharp utility knife to cut out the letters only, leaving the white frame area intact.
4. Cut out scrapbook paper just slightly smaller than the white rectangle.
5. Glue the white rectangle on top of the solid piece of scrapbook paper.
6. Place tacks on the top corner of the wood; wrap and tie twine around the tack, leaving just a little bit of slack in the twine.
7. Use the clothespins to clip the letters to the twine.


Layne Henderson

Layne is a boy mom in love. Surrounded by three adventurous little men, she's in pursuit of an empty laundry basket, the perfect cup of coffee, and sleep. She blogs, parents, and manages social media while wearing her tiara.