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DIY: How to Make Sidewalk Chalk

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This easy, homemade sidewalk chalk is the best way for kids to be entertained outside

When you have kids in the home and the summer days are quickly approaching, it’s a great idea to make your own Homemade Sidewalk Chalk.

DIY sidewalk chalk is so easy to make. You can get very creative with the type of silicone molds you use for shapes.

Plus the color choices are so much fun.

I had a heart-shaped one left over from this past Valentine’s Day but I can’t wait to try other shapes as well.

There are so many options with this chalk!

This is a relatively easy project that allows the kids to be hands on and by the next day they’ll be drawing all over the sidewalks, driveway and pavement!

How to Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk - Great DIY

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What is Sidewalk Chalk?

In a variety of colors and shapes, sidewalk chalk is usually fairly large and is used to draw on a variety of outdoor surfaces.

It’s a great companion to a kid’s imagination while enjoying outdoor playtime.

We’ve used this DIY sidewalk chalk at home and also taken it to the playground to share with friends.

It’s washable, so you don’t have to worry about it staining hands, clothes or surfaces.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own homemade sidewalk chalk:

How to Make Sidewalk Chalk

Grab your disposable cups and pour 1 cup of water in the cup.

If you are going to be making different colored chalks you will need one cup per color.

After you add in your water pour in about 1 cup of Plaster of Paris and stir really well.

DIY Sidewalk Chalk Recipe and Ingredients

Once all the powder has been mixed in with the water it’s time to pour in the paint.

Add as little or as much paint as you wish.

I just squeezed the bottle and continued to stir until I was happy with the blue color.

Ingredients for Sidewalk Chalk

As soon as you’re done mixing up the sidewalk chalk mixture pour your mixture into your silicone molds up to the top.

Each cup filled up 3 large silicone mold openings.

DIY Sidewalk Chalk Instructions

Allow your chalk to dry for 24 hours (or until it is completely dry, depending on the size) in the silicone mold and be sure not to move them during the drying process.

The way they dry is from the bottom through the top and by moving them you can possibly ruin the final outcome of the chalk.

I haven’t tried other options yet, but smaller molds MAY dry quicker. I will keep you updated on my experiment.

DIY sidewalk chalk directions

After 24 hours carefully turn the molds upside down and the sidewalk chalk should pop right out.

What to do with Sidewalk Chalk

Head outside and enjoy drawing and writing your favorite sayings all over the sidewalk.  Enjoy!

Instructions for making homemade sidewalk chalk for kids

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