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DIY Frame and Collage for Children’s Playroom

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Hi everyone, it’s Toni from Creative Designs by Toni. With 2 young boys running around it’s hard to keep up with them let alone their ever changing interests. When we moved last summer, I wanted their play space in our new home to be a reflection of them but something they can grow with. If even it’s for only a few months.

DIY photo frame






























A few months back I had ordered these fab wooden frames from the super sweet Lauren at Ten23 Designs. I had no idea how I wanted to use them, but after I came across this great paper at Paper Source in our local mall, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. Puppy paper for my sweet and loving puppy fanatic and super hero paper for my little super hero, would be a perfect addition to the space.

After a few coats of paint, I cut the paper to fit perfectly into the frame and glued in place. Using command strips I secured to the wall next to a photo of them dressed up as super heroes I had enlarged at Costco. Which was a steal at only $15.00.

The wall was still bare and needed something else. I had 2 more frames and painted them as well to match. Taking 2 wild animal toys they had stashed away at the bottom of the toy box, I hot glued each one to the frame creating a 3D picture. I hung the animal frames using the command strips as well. It makes a great statement and is perfect in the room.

diy photo frame
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