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Dinosaur Party Game: Frozen Fossils

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Cake and ice cream aren’t the only “musts” for a boy’s birthday party; you’ve got to have some games and activity ideas to keep those energetic little guys happy! A dinosaur themed party is a really popular option so invitations, decorations and take-home favors shouldn’t be hard to find. Now you’ll know what to do with all of those wiggly little guests, too. Are you ready to host a Jurassic Park celebration?

Dinosaur Birthday Party Game Ideas Frozen Dinosaur Fossil

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Dinosaur Birthday Party Game Ideas Frozen Dinosaur Fossils

For this frozen fossil activity I borrowed a few of Sam’s dinosaurs and dropped them into large, leftover plastic Easter eggs. I filled half of each egg with water, put the other half back on and popped them all into the freezer overnight.

In the morning Sam surprised me because he was horrified to see his dinosaurs were frozen (note to moms: tell your guy you have a fun project coming up when you pilfer their toys)!  He did quickly recover from his grief when he realized what was happening; in fact he had so much fun with this activity that we have since frozen several more dinos plus a Lego Emmet and I’m not certain what else might be in the freezer right now!

Frozen Dinosaur Fossil Activity

Frozen Dinosaur Birthday Party Game

Frozen Dinosaur Fossil Game

Dinosaur Birthday Party Game Ideas Frozen Fossils

For a party activity, put each frozen egg on something like a tray or a baking sheet. Because this can get a little messy, you might want to put a towel or papers underneath the tray. Give each child a container of warm water, a container of salt and a tool. We used a chopstick. Let them discover how to retrieve the dinosaur.

Dinosaur Themed Kid's Acitivty

Dinosaur Themed Games Idea

Dinosaur Birthday Party Games Idea

At party time, outfit the kids in pith helmets and a backpack with water bottles, emergency rations (aka a treat) plus a digging tool and they’re ready for adventure! A few other activity ideas for a dinosaur themed party to consider:

  • Hide plastic dinosaurs in sand or dirt and let the kids dig for them.
  • Make dino “nests” (paper, sticks, etc.) in several hidden spots in your yard; fill plastic or paper mache eggs with mini dinosaurs, tuck them into the nests and have an explore.
  • Dino tour; have an identification chart with pictures at a tour station. Let kids find the dinosaur picture cut-outs you’ve hidden around the yard (or house).
  • Use different colored foam sheets or paper to make tracks for a variety of dino species. Kids follow each trail to discover the dinosaurs.
  • Dinosaur coloring sheets.
  • Dino Roar (noisy, but kids like it!); hold up pictures of different dinosaurs. Kids roar in the voice they think that dino might have.

Because dinosaurs are monstrous, exotically mysterious and thankfully they no longer roam the earth, they spark imaginative play. That’s a great way to party!

What dinosaur party game would your kids love at a birthday party?

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