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Button Christmas Tree

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Have you made a list and checked it twice? I don’t mean for the naughty and nice bit. I mean have you made a list of fun holiday things to do with the kids this year?  We always try to go to a Christmas play or seasonal music program but I like to have some crafts lined up too. A mom can only endure hearing “how many sleeps ‘til Christmas?” a limited amount of time! I’ve found having themed craft ideas helps to hurry Christmas into being somehow.

This darling button Christmas tree craft is a fun project that yields cute results. You can make it any size, according to how many buttons you have and how long you want to keep the kids busy—or make more than one! It can be a decoration for your own home (or their room) or give it as a sweet gift.

Of course this craft idea is only for kids old enough to know not to put buttons in their mouths. Or ears. Or noses. And a lower temperature glue gun or a glue bottle is best for kids.


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  • large old picture frame (or new, if you prefer)
  • red spray paint
  • variety of green buttons
  • variety of brown or black buttons
  • glue gun
  • burlap


#1. Use the red spray paint to paint the old picture frame red. I painted mine outside, in our garage on an old sheet. Let dry.

#2. Gently wrap the burlap around the picture frame’s glass and insert it back into the picture frame. This was a snug fit on my old frame but it fit nicely once I secured the back.


#3. Using the green and brown/black buttons, design your tree on the burlap without gluing the buttons down (see photo).


#4. Once you know how big you would like your tree, add a small dollop of hot glue to the back of each button and secure them to the burlap. Repeat this step until you have all your buttons glued onto the burlap.


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