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Boy’s Football Party: DIY Football Field!

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A boy’s football party just wouldn’’t seem fully decorated if it didn’’t include a football field. Today I’’m featuring an idea from Hello My Sweet on how you can make your own football field table cover from easy to find supplies. You can use this for a food, favor, guest or dessert table and it will go a long way in carrying out your football theme party decorations.

DIY Football Party Table Cover

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Here are the supplies you need for a 6’ folding table; of course adjust as necessary for your table size:

Step One: Unroll the rug/artificial grass and lay it upside down on the floor. Place the table you want to use top side down on the underneath side of the rug. Trim off any excess “grass”, being sure to allow for enough to fold over the edge of the table, with enough to staple to the underside of the table. On a 72″” table, cut 1″’ off on each of the 6’ sides. Tightly fold up the “grass” edges and staple to the underside of the table. Turn your table right side up. Now you have a blank football field!

Step Two: Mark out where you want your lines. The following picture can be used to give you an idea where the lines need to go. It might be easiest to mark center field first then work out from there. Using a 72″” table means you measure 3.5″” to the left and right of center first, then 7” sections on either side afterword. Tape end zones and yardage lines with masking tape to serve as a guide for paint. A 72″” table has 9 (7”) sections in the center of the field and 2 (4.5”) sections at each end for the End Zones.

Step Three: Paint every other 7” strip with the dark green paint. Begin on the left side and work your way right. You’ll have 5 dark stripes with the 72” table. If you use spray paint, make a stencil that masks the areas you don’t want to paint. Let the paint dry before the next step.

Step Four: To paint your white border line, make a line stencil with the foam core board, the same width as the masking tape. If you are using spray paint, line up the stencil with the masking tape and pull off the tape through the stencil hole right before painting, OR use craft paint to brush on the border. Let this dry.

Step Five: Cut out the stencil numbers 0-4. If using spray paint, cut out scrap poster board to expand your stencil edges so your field is protected from paint overspray. Check to make sure your numbers are in the correct order! Paint and let dry for about an hour. That’s it! Now you can make your own football field table covers for that extra-special, sport loving boy.

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Will you use this idea at your next boy’s football party?

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