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Boy’s DIY “Let’s Go” Bag

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I am a member of Blueprint Social and this is a sponsored post on behalf of Tulip. All ideas, thoughts, and opinions are my own.

When we leave our house for the day we take a lot of “stuff” with us. Jorryn usually packs his things in a backpack but I carry the diaper bag full of items for the younger two…and snacks…and my purse…and water bottles…and the baby. Zane now thinks he “needs” to be transporting more toys than I can add to my full bags; having to get him into and out of a backpack and a car seat is more than I want to deal with regularly. My solution?  A “let’s go” bag. Zane is allowed to choose a few favorites to take in the car, but only what will fit in the bag that he can carry for himself. Zane is happy. I’m relieved. Anything that makes our frequent treks easier is a win in my book!  Want one for your little guy? It’s easy – just check out the simple i Love to Create ideas below!

kids diy library bag

A trip to Michaels Arts & Crafts yielded a sturdy, canvas bag with handles. I chose a mid-size bag for Zane. I used a few Tulip Fabric Markers — they’re simple to use. The dual tip markers have a fine point and a mid-sized brush tip. When I saw “brush tip” on the package I wondered if that would be hard to use, but it’s not; the “brush” is really just a single point like on any marker and the color flows easily.

diy kids bag with tulip

These are the materials I used for Zane’s bag:

  • 1 canvas bag, with handles; ours is 10 ½” wide X 8” tall
  • 1 package of Tulip Dual-Tip Markers; I used neon shades of Orange, Green, Blue, Purple and Yellow
  • 1 tube of black Tulip Slick Dimensional Fabric Paint
  • 1 package of Tulip Brush-Tip Fabric Markers; I used Neon Orange and Neon Green
  • pencil, paper, scissors, ruler (if you make a car pattern)

tulip diy canvas bag

First I drew a simple car outline on paper and cut it out so I could trace around it on the bag. I don’t consider myself a great artist so if you do have that talent you probably wouldn’t need to do the tracing thing!

Next I used the Dual-Tip Markers’ fine point to outline my color areas; I filled them in with the brush point. I was careful not to rest my hand on areas that I had just filled in so I wouldn’t smear the colors—but I don’t know if that would have been an issue. The markers are easy to use and I felt like they allowed good control; the color didn’t bleed at all. I thought that might be an issue with the roughness of canvas fabric, but no problem! Although the package says to let the color dry for 24 hours, it seemed to dry pretty quickly. I outlined the car with the black dimensional fabric paint. You just need to squeeze the bottle a little for it to come out evenly.

kids diy bag

Next I used the ruler’s edge to make a pencil line to follow for the stripes.  I used the brush-tip fabric markers for the orange and green stripes and the brush end of the dual-tip marker for the blue. Both products worked equally well so next time I wouldn’t bother getting both for this type of project; the dual tips alone would have been sufficient.

The final thing was adding the “Let’s Go” printing. I used the fine point first and then turned the pen around and filled in with color. After the markers and paint dry for 24 hours they are machine washable so I expect the colors to last through the inevitable washings this bag will need.

All of my projects happen after the boys are in bed. This was simple, quick and Zane and I are both happy with the “Let’s Go” results!

Remember to pick up these exclusive products at your local Michaels Arts & Crafts store. For those folks without a Michaels store in their area, you can order the products at iLoveToCreate.com.  iLoveToCreate.com is currently offering free shipping on any neon Tulip product for the month of February when you use coupon code NeonFEB (ends February 28th). I’m also loving the Tulip ® One-Step Tie Dye ® Mini Kits — I think we might make shirts next week! 

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