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28 of the Best Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

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Need fresh ideas for your Jack-O-Lantern this year? Even the Old Masters used to copy other artists’ work so it must be that having a picture to work from inspires! Have fun family time or decorate pumpkins for a kids’ party activity by using the ideas in this round-up where you’ll discover cute to creepy pumpkin décor including cats, bats, owls, eyeballs, Legos (cool!), sweethearts, mummies and pumpkins eating pumpkins (eww!). Celebrity pumpkins include Olaf, Cookie Monster, R2D2 and Burt and Ernie. Substitute gourds and create a Frankenstein or Ninja Turtle. Paint and pumpkins mix with a spider pumpkin, snowmen pumpkins, a Jack-O-Lantern vase and odds and ends embellishments. Don’t want the kids to use a knife? No problem! See how to do a spider web wrap, a gauzy mummy, funny face, use glitter and rhinestones or buttons and bows. Bonus: a number of these links have several additional pumpkin and seasonal décor suggestions!

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Need some ideas to decorate your own creative pumpkins? Check out these great pumpkin decorating ideas crafted up by the Spaceships and Laserbeams Crew!

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