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55 Free Thanksgiving Games, Crafts, Coloring Pages, Decor, and More

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We have officially entered The Holiday Season! I hope this roundup of Thanksgiving themed, free printables enhances your celebration.

There are ideas for games, crafts, coloring pages, and educational additions for amusing the kids as well as party décor items to make your Thanksgiving easier than ever to put together.

Now, if only we could download a fully stuffed turkey.

(Your kiddos will love these Cute Thanksgiving Craft Ideas, too!)

Free Thanksgiving Crafts, Games, and More for Kids

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1. Thanksgiving Word Search

From Creative Family Fun

Who doesn’t love a good word search? Here is a set of a few word searches perfect for keeping kids busy before the big meal. This is a set of two fall and Thanksgiving-themed worksheets that are perfect for any word search lover.

kids' thanksgiving bingo party game idea

2. Thanksgiving Bingo

From Crazy Little Projects

This holiday-themed bingo game would be a great way to get all of the family involved in something fun! Just print out the set of boards and the cards to go along with it, and you’re all set. Easy and fun! You can even use your favorite candy as markers for an extra treat.

3. Strategic Thinking Game for Thanksgiving

From Lovely Commotion

Here is a list of fall-themed games that kids will enjoy! These are perfect for classrooms or can even be done at home. These ideas are sure to get kids excited about the upcoming holiday through things like scavenger hunts, art projects, and book-themed activities.

kids' easy thanksgiving sudoku Party game idea

4. Easy Thanksgiving Sudoku Game

From The Taylor House

This Sudoku game uses pictures instead of the traditional numbers. This will make it easier for younger kids to enjoy this fun game as well! It’s easy to set up too—just print out the sheet, cut out the pieces, and glue them on.

5. Kids’ Turkey Roll and Draw Game

From A Lemon Squeezy Home, inspired by Little Giraffes via Be Different Act Normal

Turkeys are an essential part of Thanksgiving, and this fun drawing activity showcases them. Kids roll the dice and depending on what they roll; they’ll have to draw out a part of the turkey. This activity would be great for classrooms, after-school, or even right before dinner on Thanksgiving.

6. Turkey Land Game

From Modern Home Makers

You’ve heard of the classic game Candy Land? Well this puts a Thanksgiving twist on the game. This printable comes with the board, all of the cards needed, game pieces, and a rule sheet. Just print and play!

kids' thanksgiving bingo party game idea

7. Kids’ Thanksgivng Bingo

From The Crafting Chicks

If you’re looking for a fun activity to get everyone involved on Thanksgiving, this is it. Bingo is easy and anyone from 1 to 99 can easily play. Use your favorite candy or snack as markers for this festive fun!


8. Memory Game for Thanksgiving

From Jinxy Kids

This Thanksgiving-themed matching game is sure to give kids a great time! Print out the cards, cut them up, and it’s ready to play. This could be a great way for kids to work on their memory skills.

9. Pin the Gobbler on the Turkey Game

From Prepared Not Scared

Pin the Tail on the Donkey just got better—Pin the Gobbler on the Turkey is a ton of fun for anyone in the family! This printable comes with the turkey and a set of gobblers to be cut out. This could be a fun game that will have your whole family laughing on Thanksgiving! Make it even more fun by giving out prizes too.

10. Bowling for Turkeys

From Prepared Not Scared


11. Thanksgiving Coloring Page Bookmarks

From What Do We Do All Day

These bookmarks are a fun way to keep kids busy! They can color their own anyway they want. A festive way to mark their place in a favorite book!

Kids' Thanksgiving Table Coloring Party Game Ideas

12. Kids’ Thanksgiving Placemats, Place Cards, and Napkin Rings

From Kids’ Activities Blog, inspired by Country Crock

This festive printable set comes with a variety of things for kids to help decorate the table with! Each one can be cut out and colored, giving kids the chance to help out with the table decorations this year. The placemat also comes with fun activities on it to keep kids busy before dinner is served.

13. 9 Thanksgiving Themed Coloring Pages

From Mr. Printables

Coloring pages are a fun way to stay busy! This set of 9 free coloring pages has pumpkins, turkeys, pilgrims, and anything that comes to mind for Thanksgiving. These could bring a festive addition to your fridge once they’re completed!

14. 4 Thanksgiving Themed Bingo Coloring Pages

From Making Learning Fun

This is a set of a few coloring pages with Thanksgiving-themed things. Pilgrims and turkeys are a big part of Thanksgiving and these coloring pages have them covered. These pictures are made up of bigger shapes, which might make it easier for younger kids to color in as well!

kids' thanksgiving themed placemat craft idea

15. Thankful Placemat for Kids to Color

From Nurture Store

Find out what everyone is thankful for this year by using these creative placemats. A fun activity for your table this year could be to have everyone fill their out and then go around the table and read. A fun way to find out what your family is most thankful for in their lives!

16. Pie, Turkey, Pumpkin and Cornucopia Coloring Pages

From Lil’ Luna

These fun activities not only include coloring pages for things such as pie, turkeys, and pumpkins, but also allow for kids to write down what they’re thankful for. This could be a fun activity to get kids thinking about what Thanksgiving is about before the big day. This set includes four different printable coloring pages.

17. Thankful Tree, Pilgrims, and a Traditional Family Coloring Pages

From Mandy Groce via Ministry-to-Children

This great set of printable coloring pages includes a tree with leaves to be cut out and colored individually. Kids can write on each leave what they are thankful for and then attach them to the tree. This is a fun and creative way to display and remind kids what they are thankful for throughout the holiday season!

18. Turkey Color-by-Number/Letter Picture

From Reading With Kids

Coloring is a fun activity, but color-by-numbers can make it more fun! This is a color-by-letter which could make it a little easier for younger children since each letter corresponds with the color. This is a fun Thanksgiving activity to get young kids practicing their colors and following directions!

Kids coloring-page-Mickey-thanksgiving-printable-Party Craft Ideas

19. Mickey and Friends Coloring Page

From Disney Family

Mickey Mouse is always a fun addition to the holidays! This coloring sheet includes Mickey and his friends around their own Thanksgiving feast. Kids are sure to enjoy coloring this fun sheet!

20. Thanksgiving Parade Picture Coloring Page

From A Frugal Life

The Thanksgiving Day Parade is an essential part of Thanksgiving morning festivities at my home. Here’s a fun coloring page for those that also love the parade! Have kids color it in while watching in the morning!


educational Thanksgiving arts and craft ideas

21. Turkey Patterns and Color by Numbers, Puzzle, Sequencing, Art and Sentence Writing

From Create Learn Love

Here are some fun ways to get kids excited about learning and the holidays at the same time! These activities are all focused around the Thanksgiving turkey. Do these activities in the classroom, or even at home to keep the learning going over school break. Kids are sure to love these turkey activities.

22. Thanksgiving Mad Libs

From My Sister’s Suitcase

These Thanksgiving-themed mad libs could be the perfect way to get the whole family laughing! There are a few to chose from, which can result in so many hilarious combinations. A fun activity to do after dinner!

23. Decode the Thanksgiving Message

From All Kids Network

Kids will have a great time discovering the secret message in this puzzle! By matching the pictures with the letters, kids will find a secret Thanksgiving message. A fun activity to keep the kids entertained before dinner!

thanksgiving activity ideas for kids

24. Thanksgiving Themed Letter Match, Number Cards, Coloring, Counting, Size Sorting, Patterns, and more

From Confessions of a Homeschooler

This set of printables contains so many activities, which means there is something for everyone in there. From coloring pages, matching games, graphing, and more, these Thanksgiving-themed worksheets are not only festively fun, but also educational! These could also be used for fun Thanksgiving-themed activities in the classroom before break!

25. Thanksgiving Number Order Puzzle, Writing Maze, Number Maze, Cutting Practice, Memory Cards and more

From A Teaching Mommy

Thanksgiving isn’t all about the food and football! This set of printables is a great way to teach kids about Thanksgiving’s origins here in America. Not only will preschoolers learn the historical meaning for the holiday, but there are other activities for spelling, geography, and more!

Kids' Thanksgiving Printables Ideas

26. Preschool Printable Pack Thanksgiving Theme

From Homeschool Creations with clip art from Stockberry Studio and purchased from My Graphico

This is another fun set of printables themed around the Thanksgiving holiday! There are two packs to choose from—preschool or Kindergarten, giving some variety in the activities. Each set includes tons of activities and clear directions for each one. So, there will be no questions about how to use each sheet for some Thanksgiving fun!

27. Build a Turkey and More

From A Teaching Mommy

When most people think of Thanksgiving, they probably think of turkeys. This set of printables focuses on the famous fowl! These printables contain activities for sorting, patterns, and kids can create their own turkeys.

28. Thanksgiving Preschool Pack

From 1+1+1+1=1

This Thanksgiving printable pack includes activities meant for young kids so they can take part in the festive fun as well! They will be able to work on things such as letters, coloring, and numbers. With a variety of activities, your preschooler won’t be bored!

Kids' ABCs of Thanksgiving Journal Ideas

29. Thanksgiving Journal for Kids, also Preschool Version

From This Reading Mama

These journals help kids really think about what they’re thankful for during Thanksgiving. These journals cover what kids are thankful for from A-Z! This activity can take place at the beginning of November, that way kids will have a ton of ideas about what they’re thankful for in their life by the time Thanksgiving rolls around. The booklet can also be kept and looked back on for years to come.

30. Thanksgiving Pack for Pre-K & K

From This Reading Mama

This Thanksgiving pack is aimed towards younger learners. It will have them working on letters, counting, writing, and more throughout the holiday! These activities would be fun to incorporate into a classroom right before Thanksgiving break.

thanksgiving activity ideas for kids

31. Thanksgiving Word Search, Coloring Page and Thankful List

From I Should Be Mopping the Floor

A great way to keep the kids (and maybe even the adults) busy before dinner is with this set of printables! This set contains a word search, coloring page, and a thankful list. The thankful list could be completed before dinner, then everyone could go around and read theirs before you eat. An easy way to find out what everyone is thankful for this year!

32. Mickey and Friends Thanksgiving Activity Pages

From Disney Family

Not only are these activities fun for anyone, but they’re also shaped like turkeys! How cute! This set contains a coloring page, a maze, and a sheet to list what one is thankful for. A great way to get into the Thanksgiving spirit!



33. Turkey Cut and Color Craft

From Seven Thirty Three

Not only one, but two versions of turkeys that kids will have fun creating! One can be designed by kids, and the other already has colors. All you need to do is print, cut, and glue for a cute and easy turkey decoration!

34. Many Thanksgiving Themed Art Projects using Coffee Filters, Toilet Paper Rolls, Paper Plates, Brown Paper Bags and more

From Making Learning Fun

Each of these crafts uses a variety of things you probably already have in your house such as paper plates, toilet paper rolls, or coffee filters! Kids will have a great time creating any of these pilgrim or turkey themed crafts. Many of them could be used as fun decorations for your dinner table this Thanksgiving!


35. Thanksgiving Count Your Blessings Tree + 11 more

From Somewhat Simple

Not only can this get your family thinking about what they’re thankful for this year, but it can also be a great decoration! The free printable includes all you need to make your very own tree. Display it in a frame once it’s done for decoration and to remind yourself what you’re thankful for everyday.

Thanksgiving Turkey Potato Head Craft Ideas

36. Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head Style Turkey Craft

From Kiki Creates

A fun twist on all of the traditional turkeys you see during Thanksgiving, with this turkey you can make your own! This fun craft comes with all of the tail feathers, silly faces, and accessories your turkey would need to be the fanciest fowl this Thanksgiving. Your family will have a blast and a laugh or two while creating this crazy turkey!

37. Goofy’s Pilgrim Hat Printable

From Disney Family

Who says costumes are just for Halloween? It’s a template that just needs to be printed and cut out, the pieces easily attach to each other and a string keeps it on top of the head. This adorable Disney-themed pilgrim hat features the ears of Goofy and will be a great addition to any little pilgrim’s outfit this Thanksgiving!


38. Pilgrim Pluto Craft

From Disney Family

A cute addition to anyone’s Thanksgiving table, this is Pluto’s face on a butternut squash. Looks just like him! A few pieces of felt make up the face and the hat is just a toilet paper tube with felt. A few simple household items and you have a great table decoration!

39. Chip ‘n Dale Thanksgiving Basket Craft

From Disney Family

This could be a fun centerpiece for a kids table at your feast! The printable also comes along with leaf and acorn pictures to go in the basket. Use these to have family members write down what they’re more thankful for in their lives and read aloud at dinner.

40. Turkey Craft for Kids

From The Classroom Creative

Any kid would have a ton of fun with this turkey craft! This template includes a turkey body and tail feathers for kids to decorate any way they want. Glitter glue is fun to use, adds a sparkle, and creates different textures. Kids will have a great time creating their textured turkey!

41. Clothespin Turkey to Cut and Color

From Glued to My Crafts

Hand turkeys are one of the easiest ways to create a fun Thanksgiving decoration! This take the regular hand turkey décor up a notch by adding some colorful tail feathers. This one is also attached to a clothespin to make it easier to display your child’s handiwork.


42. Papercraft Basket

From A Frugal Life

Who needs a cornucopia when this basket can grace your dinner table this Thanksgiving? This paper basket template is easy to put together and also includes some extras such as thankful cards, leaves, and acorns. This makes seeing what the family is thankful about a little bit easier this year!

43. Printable Pilgrim and Native American Paper Dolls

From Make Learning Fun

When thinking of Thanksgiving, one can’t forget the Pilgrims and Native Americans. These printable paper dolls are easy to cut, color, and attach to a craft stick. Another option would be to use some leftover toilet paper rolls so they stand up by themselves. Have the kids create a story with their craft!


44. Thanksgiving Conversation Starter Cards

From Happy Home Fairy

Get the whole family involved after dinner with these conversation cards! These not only features questions and topics to get the conversation flowing between family members, but they also have fun tasks each family member needs to complete. Everyone will be laughing by the time you’re through!


45. Gift Tag and Note Card Printables

From She Wears Many Hats

Letting people know you’re thankful for them during this time of year is important. These gift tags and note cards are a great way to do so! Attach them to a small gift or just hand them out to those people you give thanks for everyday.

46. Printable Thanksgiving Set

From Embellish via Whatever Dee-Dee Wants

This set of printables has everything and anything you need for your dinner table. Nametags, menus, food labels, and fun placemats for the kids. These will add a special touch to anything Thanksgiving meal!

47. Thanksgiving Subway Art 7+ Choices

From Blooming Homestead

Need a little extra décor for your home this Thanksgiving? This set of Subway Art printables would be perfect. Print them out, place them in a frame, and you’re set! With all the different options, there’s sure to be something for your home.

thanksgiving party banner idea

48. Give Thanks Banner

From At Second Street

Fireplace mantel needing some decoration? This banner will spruce it up! Print out the letters, cut, and string, and you’ll have a Thanksgiving banner in no time. This could also work for bookshelves, walls, or anywhere in your home that could use a little something extra.

thanksgiving printable party ideas

49. Thanksgiving Kit

From Paper and Glitter

This Thanksgiving Kit has everything you need and more to host the perfect dinner! It includes invitations, place cards, placemats for the kids, and so much more. All of it is included in the file, so you won’t have to worry about doing it yourself or finding it elsewhere.

50. Thanksgiving Food and Nametag Tent Cards and Party Circles

From Toddler Approved

Something the kids can help with as you’re getting dinner ready is not only setting the table, but they can also create these adorable name cards for your guests! Made simply out of paper, they feature a tiny turkey and the guests name. This template makes it easy for kids to do it themselves, too.

51. Thanksgiving Photo Booth Props

From The Dating Divas

Photos are inevitable at any family gathering. These Thanksgiving photo props will make your photos stand out amongst the rest though! Print them out and attach them to a craft stick, and you’ll have unique, fun family photos this Thanksgiving.


52. Mickey and Friends Centerpiece Idea

From Disney Family

For any Disney-lovers out there (who isn’t though?), this centerpiece is for you. This centerpiece features Mickey and his friends enjoying their own feast. Cut it out and place it around a favorite dish or a plant to give it a festive touch and that’s it!

53. 17 Thanksgiving Favor Bag Ideas

From The Coolest Holiday Parties

A fun way to end the Thanksgiving dinner is giving your guests a little something as they leave. These printable favor bags will ensure your gift is just as festive as the rest of your party! Choose from turkeys, pumpkins, pilgrims, and more to give a special touch to your favors.


54. Dessert Tag Labels

From Country Chic Cottage

With all of the food during the main course, you might not be able to enjoy dessert right there at the table. No one wants to miss out on one of the best parts though, so make sure your guests still get their desserts by sending it home with them! These little tags are perfect to attach to each bag as family and friends leave your dinner table.

55. Collection of Thanksgiving Printables

From Kind Over Matter

There are so many options with this pack of printables for your Thanksgiving! From decorations, to thankful lists, to kid’s activities, this pack has it all. The Thanksgiving fortune cookies are a unique favorite of mine. These are sure to add a special touch to your dinner table this year!

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