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3 Easy Christmas Craft Ideas You Will Love

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Ho-ho holiday decorations! Confetti Pop has fashioned a holiday celebration using graphic red, white and black. This modern Christmas merriment appeals to me because of its fresh take on decorating, yet it still feels and looks like a Christmas theme. The best part? They’re sharing some easy-to-do DIY Christmas craft ideas with us! Boys and girls can help mamas make these, too, with easy to find supplies. Depending on your color preferences, you might have everything you need already. All three of these projects are in the “easy” category and they are economical, too!

3 Easy Christmas Craft Ideas

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1. DIY Accordion Garland

Next up is the two-toned accordion garland. You’ll need:

  1. Cut scrapbook paper into 1” strips. Take one of each color and overlap the ends at a perpendicular angle.
  2. Fold an end of the bottom strip (a) over the top strip (b); then fold b behind a. Repeat the folding and continue until your chain is as long as you want it.
  3. Use the string to tie on each end for hanging. Adhesive dots on the underside of a mantle can be used to create a swag effect.

2. DIY Paper Star Ornament

To make the origami-style star, you’ll need:

  1. Cut the paper to 6” x 11”. Fold the paper along the 11” in half. Do this three times (use the ruler edge or even a bone folder to make crisp folds). Using the creases as your guide, fold accordion-style so the paper resembles a fan.
  2. Create two 5.5” sides by finding the halfway point of the folded paper and staple perpendicular to it; cut a diagonal angled tip on both ends of the fan.
  3. To form a star, bring the paper ends together. Make a loop with the string; glue it between two of the star’s “arms”. Last, glue the two arms together. You’re finished!

3. DIY Coffee Filter Wreath

To complete this decorative theme, you have one more project: a wreath. You need:

  1. Wrap the ribbon around the wreath; secure the ends with the pin.
  2. Stack three filters together and fold them in half. Pin this stack to the wreath by sticking the pin through the filter center. Next, overlap the folded filters on the previous one until you reach the half-way point, then change the direction on the other half. Leave about a 2” gap at the wreath bottom for the ribbon trim.
  3. Punch several circles from the red paper in both sizes for holly berries. Use the hot glue to attach them to the wreath; staggering the 1, 2 or 3 berry clusters looks best.
  4. Use two 18” lengths of ribbon to form the bow and tail.

You ought to be able to make all three of these projects in about an hour and a half, once you have your supplies laid out.   There you have it: new decorations, fun family time and money left for going shopping — thanks to Confetti Pop Printables and Canary Grey Photography!

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