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20 Valentine’s Crafts Kids Will Love

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It’s a good thing we love crafting at our house–it keeps us all from going stir-crazy in this too-cold-to-be-outside weather. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, our recent projects are all about that holiday. Keep kids busy with some of these 20 Valentine’s Day Crafts Kids Will Love. There are lots of cool ideas. The kits include a Wood Stamp Set of Valentine’s Day Hearts, a Plush Heart Pillow Sewing Kit, a Mailbox Valentine Card Kit, a Valentine Beaded Heart Ornament Craft, and a Fun Foam Kit Activity Kit. Check out all of the items on this list ’cause I know you’ll find the perfect projects for your kids, too!


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1. Valentine’s Day Crafts (Fun Holiday Crafts Kids Can Do!)

2. Martha Stewart Crafts Wood Stamp Set Valentine’s Day Hearts

3. Butterflies Valentine’s Day Foam Activity Craft Kit for Kids – Makes 24 Heart Butterflies

4. Paper Crafts for Valentine’s Day (Paper Craft Fun for Holidays)

5. Crafts/Valentine’s Day(Trd/Pb) (Holiday Crafts for Kids)

6. Martha Stewart Crafts Valentine Stamp and Ink Set with Tags

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8. Valentine Crafts [With Pattern(s)”] (Creative Crafts for Kids)

9. Haan Crafts Plush Heart Pillow Beginner/Kid’s Sewing Kit

10. Martha Stewart Crafts Mailbox Valentine Card Kit

11. Fabulous Foam DIY Valentines (Makes 12)

12. “Love Bears All Things” Sign Craft Kit (1 Dozen) Valentine Day/Craft Kits/Activities

13. Valentine Monkey Bookmark Craft Kit (Makes 12) – Crafts for Kids & Novelty Crafts

14. Happy Valentine’s Day Foam Mailbox Valentines Mailbox Kit

15. 12 Valentine Beaded Heart Ornament Craft Kits

16. Valentine’s Day Craft Fun Foam Kit Activity Kit. Makes 24 Value Pack

17. Fleece Valentine Heart Tied Pillow Craft Kit – Crafts for Kids & Novelty Crafts

18. Ready to Finish Set of 3 Nesting Craft Paper Mailboxes for Valentine’s Day, Crafts and Displays

19. Make Your Own Valentine Cards

20. Magic Color Scratch Hearts – Crafts for Kids & Magic Scratch

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Look no further for more great Valentine’s Day DIY Craft ideas your kids will love.

What is your favorite Valentine’s Day Craft to create with your kids?

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