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11 DIY Christmas Crafts for Kids

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It’s time to make memories working on cute DIY Christmas crafts with the kids

Use their finished projects for holiday home décor or make the little artists proud and use them as great Christmas party decorations.

Bet your children will enjoy creating the Santa Corks, DIY Simple Disposable Cup Reindeer, Bottle Cap Reindeer, Paper Plate Elf, DIY Snowmen Paper Plate, Paper Plate Reindeer, DIY Christmas Candles and Marshmallow Snowmen Place Holders.

They will also love playing with the Hot Chocolate Play Dough, Snow Clay Recipe, and Olaf Sock Snowman Tutorial. Or check out these advent calendars, if you’re looking for even more DIY inspiration.


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Christmas Crafts for Kids

Kids Party Craft Santa Corks Idea

1. Santa Corks

From Red Ted Art
Add a little ho-ho-ho to your Christmas crafts for kids this year by saving your corks and helping them make adorable Santa ornaments or an entire Santa bowling game. Simple craft items required.

Kids Hot Chocolate Play Dough Craft Ideas for Kids Party

2. Hot Chocolate Play Dough

From Wendys Hat 
If your kids love hot chocolate, chances are they will love whipping up a batch of this delicious smelling hot chocolate play dough.  You probably already have all the ingredients on hand!

DIY Simple Disposable Cup Reindeer Kids Party Craft Idea

3. DIY Simple Disposable Cup Reindeer 

From Useful DIY
Christmas crafts that only require a few supplies are perfect for kids! This disposable cup reindeer couldn’t be simpler as it uses paper straws and cups, plus a permanent marker for drawing on cute reindeer face details.

Bottle Cap Reindeer Kids Craft Kids Christmas Party Craft Ideas

4. Bottle Cap Reindeer Kids Craft

From The Country Chic Cottage
These bottle cap reindeer ornaments are so darn cute, we dare you not to smile when you see them! Plus, they are simple, only requiring: bottle caps, googly eyes, red buttons and ribbon, and faux sticks.

Paper Plate Elf Craft for Kids to Make at Christmas Party

5. Paper Plate Elf Craft for Kids to Make at Christmas

From Crafty Morning 
Paper plates are a pretty magical crafting staple when paired with paint and tissue paper! Crafting a paper plate elf is especially fun!

Kids DIY Christmas Candles Party Craft
6. DIY Christmas Candles

From The 36th Avenue 
Who knew you could craft up amazing Christmas gifts for loved ones by transforming ordinary candles? Adorable and inexpensive, these Christmas candles are a great way to wish your family, friends and neighbors a Merry Christmas!

Snow Clay Recipe Party Craft for Kids
7. Snow Clay Recipe

From Growing a Jeweled Rose 
Iridescent glitter is the secret ingredient that makes this snow clay recipe a winner! Kids will have hours of fun creating and playing with their own snow clay!

Olaf Sock Snowman Tutorial Christmas Party Craft for Kids
8. Olaf Sock Snowman Tutorial

From One Creative Mommy
Olaf is definitely a favorite snowman, making him a great option for crafting out of an old white sock with felt accents! Bonus: This cute snowman won’t melt on you.

Kids DIY Snowmen Paper Plate Winter Craft for Kids

9. DIY Snowmen Paper Plate Winter Craft for Kids 

From Crafty Morning
Inexpensive craft projects are great, and this DIY snowmen paper plate winter craft is an especially awesome choice for kids! Scraps of construction paper and felt, plus a few hand details transform plain old paper plates into winter wonderland masterpieces.

Paper Plate Reindeer Party Craft for Kids
10. Paper Plate Reindeer Craft for Kids

From Crafty Morning 
Not quite a reindeer game, but definitely an awesome reindeer craft, kids will love making these paper plate reindeer! A glittered red nose and googly eyes make them especially cute.

How to Make Marshmallow Snowmen Place Holders Kids Party Craft Ideas
11. How to Make Marshmallow Snowmen Place Holders 

From The Decorated Cookie

We can’t think of cuter place card holders than marshmallow snowmen that can be eaten afterwards! So versatile and fun, plus so adorable, you’ll want to add them to your winter place settings and gift them to everyone you know!

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