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11 Awesome Crafts Boys Will Love

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Fact: boys have endless energy.

It’s hard for me to keep up with my guys sometimes, but I’ve found some great ideas for crafts that boys will love, like the Paper Plate Marble Track, Catapult Paper Airplane, Balloon Car, and DIY Airplane Piggy Bank.

Some of these ideas are great as make and take activities and favors for your next boy birthday party too. Check out the Spaghetti Lion Craft for Kids, DIY Build and Stack Robots, Monster Swatters, and Shoebox Foosball Game.

For your next superhero themed boy’s birthday party, ask all of the boys to bring an old t-shirt on the invitation and follow the instructions for How to Make a Superhero Cape from a T-Shirt and How to Make Superhero Cuffs from Toilet Paper Rolls.

Star Wars fans will think that Milk Jug Storm Trooper Helmet is pretty amazing.

Each of the links has all the supplies listed that you need to get going on your next craft that’ll use up some of that boy energy!

Let’s get busy with these crafts for kids!

Kids Crafts Boys Will Love

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Spaghetti Lion Craft for Kids Party Ideas

1. Spaghetti Lion Craft for Kids

From Crafty Morning

Put your stockpile of dried, boxed spaghetti to a new creative use with this sweet spaghetti lion craft for kids. Have the kids break pieces of dry spaghetti noodles and glue them around a yellow construction paper face to make a wild lion mane. Finish the face with some cut out paper eyes, drawn on pupils, a nose and a mouth.

Paper Plate Marble Track Party Craft Idea for Boys

2. Paper Plate Marble Track

From Frugal Fun for Boys

We just can’t get enough of marble tracks at our house. Creating paper plate marble tracks from recycled materials provides a fun, hands on challenge for kids that turns into a reusable toy at the end! The number of ideas are endless and you can easily add on to the track over the week to build a wild marble roller coaster. Looking for material ideas? Try using paper towel rolls, paper plates, wooden blocks, plastic containers, and more.

Boys Catapult Paper Airplane Craft Idea for Kids Party

3. Catapult Paper Airplane

From Minieco, Idea from The Usborne Big Book of Science Things to Make and Do

Check out this wildly fun catapult paper airplane. It’s a great project to construct with your kids that will keep them busy for hours. Punch a hole into the base of a regular paper airplane then thread through an elastic band. Hook the elastic band to the top of a stick, pull back the plane, and let it go! Experiment with different paper plane designs, create a target to aim your planes at, or take your planes to the park to see how far they can really fly.

DIY Build and Stack Robots Party Craft Idea for Boys

4. DIY Build and Stack Robots

From Handmade Kids Art

Build and stack robots are a fun and easy craft for kids that also helps encourage creative thinking and imaginary play. Stacking the different robot body parts is also a great way to help kids develop their fine motor skills. Cardboard tubes from paper towels or toilet paper rolls make the stackable sections and whacky, swirly, colorful pipe cleaners create arms and hair. Let your kids’ imaginations run wild.

Boys Party Craft Idea How to Make a Superhero Cape from a T-Shirt

5. How to Make a Superhero Cape from a T-Shirt

From Spaceships and Laser Beams, Tutorial by The Southern Institute

What boys don’t love playing pretend superhero around the house? These step-by-step instructions make it easy to create a cape for your super kid using an old t-shirt or an inexpensive t-shirt from the thrift store. The super easy, no sew tutorial is excellent for last minute DIY crafts that your kids can help with, or for a birthday party full of pretend-play super kids. All you need are oversized men’s shirts.

Boys Make a Shoebox Foosball Game Party Craft Idea

6. Make a Shoebox Foosball Game

From Frugal Fun for Boys

How fun! Make your own foosball soccer game with the kids by following this step-by-step tutorial with helpful picture instructions. In the interest of time and keeping things simple, this project gives instructions for a one on one soccer game that two children (or adults!) could play together. You could also use the same instructions to make a multiplayer game in a larger box.

Balloon Car Party Craft Idea for Boys

7. Balloon Car

From All for the Boys, Tutorial by (cool) Progeny

Surprise your kids with this awesome and interactive STEM project for a play date activity or birthday party project. Custom kid-designed match box cars get propelled by harnessing the power of air in a balloon. There’s lots of flexibility in this project for kids to experiment, explore, and play. Encourage your builders to embellish and approve their designs to make a faster, cooler balloon car! Along the way you can also teach about energy, fuel, and car design.

How to Make Superhero Cuffs from Toilet Rolls Boys Party Craft Idea

8. How to Make Superhero Cuffs from Toilet Rolls

From Spaceships and Laser Beams, Tutorial by Sewing in No Mans Land

Party Craft DIY Airplane Piggy Bank for Boys

9. DIY Airplane Piggy Bank

From Bright Nest

Who taught you how to save money? It’s helpful for children to learn money management and practice saving allowance money and what better way to learn than with an awesome airplane piggy bank. This easy piggy bank craft can be made in under an hour with everyday items like a plastic bottle and cardstock paper. Let your child flex their creative muscles and add fun details like faces in the windows.

Monster Swatters Boys Party Craft Idea

10. Monster Swatters

From Happy Hooligans

Are your kids afraid of monsters? If you have a little one with a fear of monsters you know that bedtime can be stressful and challenging. Make a monster swatter with them to ban those bedtime monster fears for good. These are super easy to make and the total cost to make the monster swatters is under five dollars. If you can’t find monster stickers at your local dollar store, check out the free printable monster pack linked at the bottom of the post.

Boys Milk Jug Storm Trooper Helmet Party Craft Idea

11. Milk Jug Storm Trooper Helmet

From Filth Wizardry

Calling all Star Wars fans! For Star Wars themed pretend play, a Star Wars birthday party, or a budget friendly Halloween costume this Storm Trooper helmet made from a cleaned-out milk jug is the ultimate DIY! All you need for this craft are a couple of gallon size milk jugs with their lids, some hot glue, and an exacto knife or scissors to cut with. Any Star Wars fan would go crazy for this amazing DIY helmet.

Get ready to make lots of fun crafts with these great supplies…

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Check out more great craft ideas perfect for boys of all ages.

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