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10 Unique Ways to Display Christmas Cards

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Every year we receive Christmas cards from our family and friends. Some are miniature pieces of art. Some make you grin just to look at them. Each card represents a token of affection and good wishes–why not show them off? These great ideas for creating your own DIY Ways to Display Christmas Cards will do just that.

There are plenty of tree options, like the Washi Tape Card Tree, String Art Christmas Tree Card Display, Hanging Christmas Card Tree, and Wire Tree Christmas Card Holder. There are also great nontraditional ideas like the DIY Framed Christmas Card Display, Christmas Card Handbound Book, Canvas Christmas Card Display, and Wood Wreath Christmas Card Display. If you’re feeling really crafty, make the Window Shutter Christmas Card Display or Lattice Christmas Card Display. Whichever way you craft it, a Christmas card display is a terrific way to enjoy seasonal sentiments.


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Washi Tape Card Tree Party Craft Idea for Kids

1. Washi Tape Card Tree :: Thyme is Honey

Creating a unique display for your Christmas cards doesn’t get any easier than this! You can create this clever washi tape card tree using washi tape, string, tinsel garland, a decorative Christmas star, clips from IKEA and thumbtacks. You can really get creative by making washi tape Christmas ornaments to dress up your card tree.

Kids DIY String Art Christmas Tree Card Party Display Craft Idea

2. String Art Christmas Tree Card Display :: My Poppet

String art is definitely on trend and makes for an eye catching Christmas card display. This string art Christmas tree is created using 3M hooks, so no damage to your walls is done. Simply follow the tips and tricks in this tutorial for creating your Christmas card display.

Craft DIY Framed Christmas Card Display Kids Party Idea

3. DIY Framed Christmas Card Display :: House & Home

You can create this neat framed Christmas card display using corkboard, paint, fabric, tape, and ribbon. Fun, colorful stripes are made using both ribbon and paint. You can easily slide Christmas cards in between the ribbons to tuck them into place for a season of enjoyment.

Hanging Christmas Card Tree Party Craft Idea for Kids

4. Hanging Christmas Card Tree :: Martha Stewart

Grab a bundle of beautiful tree branches from your yard and create this hanging Christmas card tree. Using the branches to create a simple tree, use bits of ribbon and a hole punch to turn your Christmas cards into ornaments for your card tree display. Everyone will enjoy this festive arrangement.

Kids Christmas Card Handbound Book Party Craft Idea

5. Christmas Card Handbound Book :: My Handbound Books

Christmas cards can be sentimental, and throwing out precious pictures or handwritten sentiments is hard. You can create a special hand bound book for saving and displaying your favorites. This one includes cards sewn onto ribbons with a layer of PVA on the spine. You can make a new book for each Christmas and pull out old books to reminisce each holiday season.

Window Shutter Christmas Card Display Craft Idea for Kids Party

6. Window Shutter Christmas Card Display :: Pearls, Handcuffs, & Happy Hour

A coat of red spray paint can transform a discarded window shutter into a beautiful Christmas card display. Hang this unique card holder on your wall. As cards arrive in the mail, simply push them into the slats of the shutter, and enjoy seeing the smiling faces of and reading holiday wishes from your friends and family this Christmas season.

Kids Party Craft Idea Canvas Christmas Card Display

7. Canvas Christmas Card Display :: Country Living

Transform an artist canvas into a creative Christmas card display. You can attach ribbon using hot glue to create rows for displaying cards with clothespins. Add a few Christmas stems (poinsettia) to spruce up the canvas. You can reuse this display year after year.

Party Craft DIY Lattice Christmas Card Display for Kids

8. Lattice Christmas Card Display :: Lookie What I Did

If you need a clever, inexpensive, and simple way to display your Christmas cards this season, this is it—a lattice Christmas card display! You can grab a sheet of lattice from your local home improvement store! Pick up clothespins. Spray paint the lattice and clothespins white. Add leftover Christmas decorations to the top of the lattice using hot glue. Christmas picks and festive holiday ribbon are easy choices. Use removable hooks for easy hanging.

DIY Kids Wire Tree Christmas Card Holder Party Craft Idea

9. Wire Tree Christmas Card Holder :: Better Homes and Gardens

You’ll love this unique wire tree Christmas card holder that also functions as a fun Christmas decoration. Wire is simply twisted into a quirky tree shape. Triangles are formed out of the wire used to make the branches and help provide a fastener for securing the cards to the tree. You’ll have fun all holiday season long, securing glad tidings received in your mail to your wire tree.

DIY-Christmas-card-wreath-display-idea for Kids Party Craft Idea

10. Wood Wreath Christmas Card Display (From Martha Stewart) :: Marcella Treybig

What do you get when you pair an embroidery hoop with wood clothes pins, and add some festive holiday ribbon for hanging? The answer is a festive wood wreath Christmas card display! A little hot glue can be used to attach the wood clothes pins to the hoop.  Hang the card display by tying the wreath with a ribbon bow.

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