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10 Milk Carton Crafts Boys Will Love

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Finding crafts we can make with items we already have around the house makes me feel so virtuous! These Milk Carton Crafts are fun to make and they afford a great excuse to talk about recycling with your kids.

This collection of ideas includes a milk carton bird feeder, a balloon ride, a tool caddy-style planter, a lamp, a dump truck, an owl shaped bird feeder, play houses, a chalkboard cityscape, and a boat.

And especially for moms (and maybe their little helpers), there’s also a cool intro to making handmade soap in milk carton molds.


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Milk Carton Kids Craft Bird Feeder

1. Milk Carton Bird Feeder

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2. Milk Carton Balloon Ride

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MIlk Carton Planter Kids Craft Idea

3. Milk Carton Planter

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4. Milk Carton Lamp

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Dump Truck Milk Carton Craft Idea for Kids

5. Milk Carton Dump Truck

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Kids MIlk Carton Craft Ideas for Kids

6. Milk Carton Owl Bird Feeder

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Milk Carton Planter Craft for Kids

7. Milk Carton Houses

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Milk Carton City Scape Craft Ideas for Kids

8. Milk Carton Chalkboard Cityscape

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Milk Carton Boat Kids Craft Idea

9. Milk Carton Boat

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Milk Carton Craft for Kids Ideas

10. Handmade Soap from a Milk Carton

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Get ready to make lots of fun crafts with these great supplies…

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