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“You are My Sunshine” Gender Reveal Party

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A baby boy shower doesn’t always have to be decorated in baby blue. Because this baby shower theme was for a gender reveal party, Jennifer, of Bella Grey Designs, wasn’t going to give away the surprise (although this was for a boy baby)! She used lemon yellow, white and grey decorations to carry the “You Are My Sunshine” ideas. The invitations, dessert table and carry-out favor boxes offer you some lovely ideas for a gender reveal theme. The fantastic printables found throughout the party are available in the Bella Grey Designs Etsy shop.

Ideas for Boy Baby Shower or Gender Reveal

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In all aspects of this shower, Jennifer used lots of texture; there is paper, metal, glass and fabric. Those contrasts, coupled with the repetition of colors, make a party more visually satisfying. I really like the idea of using baby clothes as a banner. The tiny clothes look adorable and Mama-to-be receives an extra perk to take home, too!

Gender Reveal Decorations

The backdrop of paper medallions and the tub of cuddly, stuffed animals all partner for a cheery welcome. The chevron “guess” pennants are a fun way to front the dessert table for this theme. Jennifer used a fabric cloth that has a sheen to it for the foundation, and that subtle shine also goes well with the silver pedestal and sparkly glass serving pieces, too.

Boy Baby Shower and Gender Reveal Decorating Ideas

A grey zinc bucket holds tree branches embellished with yellow and grey tissue flowers; a simple enrichment with a lovely result. A favorite quote displayed on the dessert table is nice touch; it’s one more thing to pique interest.

Boy Baby Shower and Gender Reveal Favor Ideas

A selection of yellow and white candies and desserts fits well with the sunshine idea. Of course, lemon would be a first choice for yellow desserts. I like the lemons stacked in the vase behind the carafe holding lemonade. Wrapping the beverage bottles with a grey sleeve and tying a yellow ribbon is another way to pull the colors together. Striped straws are a great choice.

Gender Reveal Ideas

Instead of serving a cake with a pink or blue interior, Jennifer opted for mini tins, which she filled with colored candy to match the baby’s gender.

Boy Baby Shower Party Favors

If you’re looking for a fun way to host a gender reveal baby shower, this might be all the incentive you need! You can find Jennifer on Pinterest to see even more great party ideas!

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