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6 Ideas for an Amazing Walking Dead Party

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The Walking Dead makes for one thrilling party theme!  After planning for decorations and food, it’s time to come up with activity ideas fit for a post apocalypse zombie thriller!

I’m sharing some killer ideas that may have guests running for their lives.

Due to the premise of the show, most of these activity ideas are geared towards a more mature audience.  However, adaptations could be made to make them suitable for a slightly younger crowd.

Ideas for Walking Dead Party

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Activity idea #1:  Host a costume contest.  Invite party guests to dress the part and come as their favorite The Walking Dead character. Here are a few to choose from:

  • Daryl Dixon:  The expert hunter/tracker
  • Rick Grimes:  The deputy sheriff
  • Maggie Greene:  The strong and brave equestrian
  • Carol Peletier:  Survivor
  • Beth Greene:  The introverted/shy teenager
  • Male and female zombies

Prepare a ballot box where attendees can cast their vote for the best character look-alike, scariest costume, most creative costume and so on.  Give out “zombie apocalypse survival kits” to the winners.

Activity idea #2:  Arrange for zombie target practice.  Whether you make reservations at a local gun range or round up some paper silhouette targets and Nerf guns, guests will enjoy practicing their shots.  Another fun alternative would be to organize a humans vs. walkers (zombies) laser tag competition at a local laser tag arena. Zombies must be taken seriously, and the better your aim, the better your chances for survival!

Activity idea #3:  Divide into groups and have a dance-off to The Walking Dead soundtrack.  Imagine your own Thriller choreography!

Activity idea #4:  Play the “Don’t Say ________” game.  Determine a word or two related to the television show that guests can’t say, such as “walker” or “zombie” or “apocalypse”.  As guests arrive, give each guest a string necklace with 5 paper ears (Daryl has a necklace of ears in one of the actual television episodes). As the party goes on, anyone that overhears another guest using the “don’t say” word gets to collect an ear for their necklace.  The person with the most ears collected at the end of the night wins!

Activity idea #5:  Play walker/zombie hide-and-go-seek.  Designate one guest as “the walker” (zombie).  Have everyone else hide for their lives! As he or she finds hidden guests, they become zombies and all the zombies work together to find the remaining guests.  The last one left hiding becomes the “survivor” and wins a prize!

Activity idea #6:  Send guests on a zombie apocalypse supply kit scavenger hunt.  Divide your attendees into two equal teams and provide clues to locations around your neighborhood where supply kit items are hidden.  Occasionally throw in a “road block” or two which requires either quick thinking, physical skill or performing some humorous task. The first team to return with all of the supply kit items wins!

Now that you have some killer The Walking Dead party activity ideas to choose from, you are sure to plan a thrilling night that guests will be dying to attend!

Looking to serve food at your party? Check out this video tutorial for Walking Dead cupcakes. (I also made the brains, here.)

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Check out these great party ideas that will be sure to be a hit for your next zombie themed party.


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