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Vintage Zombie Themed Halloween Party

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Boys love Halloween parties! Is it because they look at fear and conquer it?

I don’t know…but this vintage zombie theme party ought to do the trick!

Gretchen, of Three Little Monkeys Studio, has designed a Halloween dessert table that satisfies the sweet tooth and sends chills up the spine!

Vintage Zombie Halloween Party Ideas

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With the vintage movie horror poster decorations over the table, ghoulish treats and cupcakes, and warty pumpkins on the ground, this party supplies a shovel full of ideas!

An old trunk with insets of some poor creature’s skin serves Monster Munch and beverages, and with the “Zombie Feeding Area” sign, dares guests to come to the table.

No cheery trick or trick banner here; instead, a melancholy skeleton garland fronts the table.

Vintage Zombie Halloween Party Ideas and Supplies

A perfectly nice wooden table with black legs would seem just fine any other time, but with the addition of the dyed-black cheesecloth table runner and the horrifying desserts, the entire table proffers fear.

Black candles in the black candelabra set the imagination aglow. The prominent skull under glass is certain to command attention.

Zombie Halloween Decorations and Supplies

Vintage pharmacy bottles set ominously close to the cookies…WHAT was in them? Was it a secret ingredient used in those cookies?

The ghoulish half-eaten hands and feet are actually benign sugar cookies.

Skewered eyeballs (cake-pops) look back at guests who are sure to stare with fascinated horror. Zombie Mousse is certain to cause squirms.

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Living Dead Cupcakes with edible R.I.P. grave markers and mounds of “dirt” are apparently hiding something…OR SOMEONE!

If you’re hoping to scare up some Halloween, this vintage zombie party might be all the fun you need!

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