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A Vintage Race Car Boy’s Birthday Party

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Va-va-voom! How fabulous is this Vintage Racing Car theme for a boy’’s birthday party?!  Kate and Yolanda, of Kiss Me Kate, created a dessert table that would thrill a car crazy boy AND his stylish mom. I don’’t consider myself to be a car buff, but I am fascinated with the unique way these ladies used party supplies. Racing roadsters zip all ‘round the table, including on water bottles, chocolate bars and on the cupcake toppers. This impressive collection of decoration ideas could serve as a check list for any car themed birthday party. Anders Ruff created all of the fun party printables.

Vintage Race Car Boy's Birthday Party Ideas

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Boy's Vintage Race Car Birthday Party

With so many clever touches it’’s difficult to take in everything at once, but the birthday banner in a 50’s era font serves as a great focal point for the celebration. I like the softer blue combined with high energy red and that combo is repeated throughout the tabletop display.

A trio of candy-filled trophies takes 1st, 2nd and 3rd places on the winner’s stands in a departure from a traditional set-up of the birthday cake being front and center.

Boy's Vintage Race Car Birthday

Notice the table covering includes a raceway that runs around the table and seemingly right up and over the birthday cake, where the winning roadster has crossed the finish line! The arrows that point all around the circle are actually cookie pops–so clever.

boy's vintage race car birthday party cupcakes

boy's vintage race car chocolate champagne

vintage race car boy's birthday party decorations

There are helmet shaped cake pops, too, as well as cookie pop start and finish flags, plus cupcakes. Donut tire wheels, rock shaped chocolates and chocolate “champagne” bottles are on the list of taste temptations.

boy's vintage race car birthday party table

Aren’’t the vintage roadsters and the mini gasoline pump charming?  The way Yolanda used vintage oil cans is inspired!

boy's vintage race car birthday party cake

With cars racing and flags waving, you know this is a first-prize party!

Find more of Kate and Yolanda’’s party creations on their Facebook.

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What will you do at your son’s vintage race car birthday party?

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Boy's Race Car Birthday Party Ideas

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