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Uno Terrific 1st Birthday Party

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This first birthday party is a darling idea! Mom Becky, of My Paper Craze, developed her baby’s first birthday party theme using the colorful Uno card game. How simple and how clever! I so appreciate the creativity a mother’s love inspires. The cake, cupcake tower, favor boxes and table decorations are all based on the primary colors found in the deck of cards whose name means “one”.  

Uno First Birthday Party Ideas

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Uno Birthday Party Banner

Becky created a name banner to honor the birthday celebrant using the vivid palette and established a cheerful vibe from the moment guests entered. The food buffet featured a whimsical centerpiece with feathers, flowers and curled wire ribbon; plates and table service provided additional pops of color. Becky carried out her theme in all party aspects. Even the fruit tray selections were color coordinated! An enticing cupcake tower held chocolate and vanilla cupcakes which were smothered with mounds of colored frosting and sprinkles. The birthday cake, by Katie Kakes Design, is detailed with “Madison”, the number “1” and a fan of Uno cards while the base of the cake is decorated with a ring of red, yellow, blue and green dots. It looks cute from the outside but it really makes you smile when the cake is cut and you can see each of the four layers is a different color.

Uno Birthday Party Ideas

The baby’s birthday hat creation is another fun party detail that Becky fashioned. That giant feather, playing cards and jaunty bow would certainly create some cute photo ops! One of my favorite decorating details is the savvy way Becky repurposed Yoohoo bottles. After removing labels and the adhesive and giving them a good scalding, Becky had “free” drink glasses. She made a collection of colorful paper medallions, embellished them with Uno cards and then tied them on with striped and polka-dotted ribbon. Chevron striped straws in coordinating colors really made a cute pairing!

DIY Uno Birthday Party Supplies

The gift table wears a skirt banded with the primary colors. A cluster of balloons and additional custom medallions display more splashes of color. Treat bags hold sweet cookies that look like the Uno playing cards. See the favor boxes? They were made to look like the Uno wild card! How do you spell “onederful”? It might start with U-N-O! What a great way to celebrate baby’s first milestone birthday!  

Uno Birthday Party Favor Ideas

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What theme are you using for your son’s first birthday party?

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