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Unique Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas

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This is a boy’s birthday party that is sure to be magical: a Harry Potter party theme! Emily, from Smarty Parties, shares a fantastic party she put together for her son Graham’s, sixth birthday party.

Each great touch was captured by Stella Dolce Photography including decorations, a beautiful cake and great activities. I am absolutely in love with the wand making activity.

You can see a lot of thought and planning went in to the party to make it wonderful.

Unique Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas

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Guests were ushered into the party by walking through platform 9 3/4. I love this fabulous details as it sets the mood for the party right from the start. And really appeals to my inner Harry Potter geek.

Harry Potter Birthday Party Decorations

Next up, wand making! Creating easy, DIY wands is super simple as Emily shows us. The kids were able to choose a chopstick and then the beads they would like.

Grandma stepped in to help super glue the beads to the chopsticks. Once dry, kids were able to paint and have their very own wands to take home.

Harry Potter Birthday Party Games and Activities - Wand Making

While waiting for their wand paint to dry, guests were led to potions class. I love the authentic signs and labels plus all the great colors in the beakers.

Some dry ice inside the cauldron helped to create fog and make the experiments seem even more real!

Harry Potter Birthday Party Activities - Potion Making

Kids were able to choose items to pour into the cauldrons, which made for fun interaction.

There were also a number of real activities given Harry Potter names to make them seem even more magical. {Erumpet Horn and Wolfsbane Draught Explosion sound much more exciting than “baking soda and vinegar, don’t you think?}

Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas - Potions

Treats included cauldron cakes {chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter-milk chocolate ganache and chocolate licorice handles}, mini owl cupcakes, and ice cream.

Harry Potter Themed Dessert Table for Boys Birthday Party

The Hedwig cake inside the cage is created using the help of fondant. It’s absolutely darling! There were also “broomsticks” and veggie bags.

Harry Potter Hedwig Owl Birthday Cake

The entire food table looks great with floating candles and a Hogwarts banner as a backdrop.

Harry Potter Birthday Party Decorations

Guests were able to visit The Three Broomsticks for their beverage of choice, including butterbeer. {You can get some great magical drink ideas to include at your party as well.}

Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas

To burn off the sugar energy, the kids got involved in a game of quidditch. The hoops were made from PVC pipe, QuikKrete, and hula hoops.

Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas - Quidditch Game

Kids were able to use balloons to score points for their house. One of my favorite touches is the transfiguration photo booth. Kids were able to use props to dress up and snap photos to remember the day. Fun for both the kids and parents!

If you love what you see, make sure to visit Emily on the Smarty Parties Facebook page.  

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