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Under the Sea Party Ideas

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Can you travel under water without getting wet? Yes–if you get invited to this gorgeous Under the Sea, boy’s birthday party by Flavia, of Stunning Party! Her party decorations give you the sense of being an underwater explorer. Taking Jacques Cousteau as her muse, Flavia worked on crafting party supplies into a wonderful boy’s birthday party theme to celebrate her son, Daniel. The sea colors in the dessert table decorations are marvelous and I’d say well worth the effort it took to hand make them.

Under the Sea Party Ideas

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What I love most about this party is the sense that you’re really under the water, enjoying a sea kingdom buffet of delights. Having the sea creatures suspended from the ceiling and on the table give this party an extra dimension. In addition to the sea themed wall backdrop, you’ll find a jelly fish, an octopus, starfish, a seahorse, and colorful fish “swimming”.

Beautiful Under the Sea Birthday Party Ideas

The illusion is heightened by the fishnet that “catches” everything on the table. Sea grass and coral reach up from the table to pull everything into one lovely underwater image.

Under the Sea Party Dessert Table Ideas

For you cake decorators, notice how Flavia used a vertical application of the petal technique, to resemble fish scales.

Under the Sea Birthday Cake

The fish swimming through the coral and over the sand on the cake is just darling! Peruse the table and discover sea shells, a giant anemone (clever!) and candies in shades of the sea.

Shark Cupcakes for Under the Sea Birthday Party

Under the Sea Party Food Ideas

Other birthday treats offered include shark fin cupcakes, individual jars of jelly fish, lemon sole pie, chocolate starfish and seahorse lollipops, sea glass lollipops, and fish shaped sugar cookies.

Under the Sea Party Food Ideas

Sugar Cookies for Under the Sea Themed Birthday Party

Under the Sea Party Decorations

Notice the upended boat and the whales that look like they’re whooshing water out of their blowholes? And did you see the amusing Octopops?

Octopus Cake Pops for Under the Sea Birthday Party

Using sea green rocks under a clear platter makes another water reference. Little crabs hold food labels. Even the candy dishes have sea colors and shapes.

Oyster Macaron for Under the Sea Birthday Party

Flavia included inspirational quotes from Jacques Cousteau, including, “When one man, for whatever reason, has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, he has no right to keep it to himself.” That’s a lovely sentiment of encouragement to embrace life and share it with others that’s especially appropriate for a birthday boy! Flavia’s attention to details really makes for a Stunning Party!

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