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This Boy’s Football Birthday Party is a Touchdown!

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A boy’s football party is a winning idea anytime, but especially now that fall is in the air! Brittany, of GreyGrey Designs, did an awesome job designing Tate’s Tailg8 birthday party with a classic vintage football theme. From the goalposts on the savory table, to the chenille varsity letter decorated dessert table, to the scoreboard favor bar, this football-themed 8th birthday party is a winning idea for any birthday boy! We have an unofficial football party week kicking off with this great party!

Football Themed Boy 8th Birthday Party

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Bright yellow goalposts call attention to the savory food table where football plates and napkins wait to be filled. Then it’s on to dessert! Although the dessert table is cleverly decorated with footballs, line backers and even a trophy, the real stars of this table are the great desserts!

A football field, covered with a giant football and topped with Tate’s helmet is actually the centerpiece cake! Notice the cake stand: wooden crates that are reminiscent of vintage school bleachers! Cones contain coin-toss chocolate candies (say that fast, 3 times!).

Football Themed Dessert Table for a Boys 8th Birthday

There’s also football and jersey shaped cookies, football and helmet shaped cake pops, and football shaped pie pops, all displayed in “grass” (actually Styrofoam covered with grass print scrapbook paper and topped with artificial grass mats)!


The scoreboard over the favor bar was personalized with the birthday boy’s name, birthdate and year that was being celebrated; isn’t that cute?! Muslin bags were stamped with footballs and a tag with a picture of a vintage football player said “Tate’s thanks.” Kids could choose their own mix of football themed goodies, which included koozies pencils, hacky sacks, noisemakers and football Mardi Gras beads.

Football Birthday Party Ideas

Guest tables were decorated in fall colors and topped with artificial grass runners, cones and penalty flags. Now picture heaping plates, and guys with big grins. What boy wouldn’t enjoy Tate’s GREAT Tailg8 Football Birthday Party?!

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