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Boy’s Tailgate Birthday {Football Party Ideas}

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Check out this fantastic tailgate themed football party

Jessica, of Everyday Party Magazine, has a son that eats, drinks and sleeps sports. A football tailgate party was the perfect theme for his birthday.

Father and son are rabid Georgia Dawgs fans so the Dawgs starred at this party, but you could use a generic theme of football or substitute your son’s favorite team and colors.

From the PVC pipe goalposts that transformed the yard into a football field to the football-themed cupcakes in team colors to the tailgate appropriate menu of party food, this party was a touchdown with everyone who attended.

Tailgate Football Birthday Party Ideas

Perhaps you’d like to transform your yard into a football field. I like the idea of using PVC pipe goalposts and spray painting yard lines.

Football Birthday Party Ideas - Create a Goal Post

Don’t forget to include your team logo in centerfield like Jessica and George did. So awesome.

If you haven’t got the patience or the DIY inclination, here’s a fun option (Amazon Affiliate Link) you can just buy. 🙂

To carry out the tailgate theme, park your SUV in the yard and style it with team pennants, jerseys, and footballs.

Tailgate Football Birthday Party Ideas

This party calls for outdoor grilling of “dawgs” and burgers. Crock-pot chili and chips round out the menu but don’t pass up the treats on the main table.

Football Birthday Party Supplies and Decorations

Chocolate covered Oreos, decorated with team colors, pennants, footballs and pom-poms, invite closer inspection.

Football Birthday Party Cupcakes

Polka dotted cupcakes — in team colors, of course — are offered on the sweets table, along with team color candies. Coolers make drinks readily accessible and work great with the sports theme.

Football Birthday Party Cookies for Dessert Table

Party favors are offered in simple paper gift bags decorated with team colors and the Georgia Dawgs mascot. Arranged on a game table football field, the favors are a nice send-off for guests.

Football Birthday Party Favor Bags

This would be a very easy DIY birthday.

Plaid blankets, lawn chairs, bunting festooned in team colors, all add up to a party full of team spirit. Fans chant, “We’re Number 1!” And so is this party!

Football Birthday Party Ideas

Plan the ultimate football birthday bash with these great party supplies:

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