Sweet Pirate Owl Birthday Party

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Arrr matey! These unique pirate owl birthday party ideas from Carol Colon, of Partylicious, are sure to delight your own little swashbuckler. Carol helped Liam’s mom style this celebration for his second birthday, using Liam’s favorite shirt as inspiration! An adorable owl wearing a pirate eye patch made his appearance on everything from the invitations to decorations to dessert table to favor boxes and of course, the birthday cake by Jovanna Valentín from Jovadiel Party Shop. He even inspired clever balloon art!

boy pirate birthday party ideas

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boy pirate birthday party invite ideas

Imagine potential guests’ delight when they tore open the envelope and saw the owl regarding them with one eye and an eye patch! The owl’s wings cleverly swing open to reveal party details. What a great way to begin party excitement!

boy's pirate birthday party ideas

boy pirate birthday party decor ideas

Liam’s mom booked a local splash park for the festivities; isn’t a water park the perfect venue for a pirate party?!  She used the brown and black of the pirate owl, along with red and white accents, to create a colorful, welcoming party table. Made entirely out of balloons, a pirate owl wearing a striped shirt perched next to one end of the table. On the other side, a balloon pirate ship sailed close to Liam’s celebrated birthday number “2”.

boy pirate birthday party cake ideas

Carol used fish net, golden doubloons, skulls and a birthday banner to set the tone on the dessert table. The awesome cake looked absolutely darling—almost too cute to cut! Riding the waves, the boat was steered by the owl pirate captain. Red and white sails rise above a little pirate boy on deck and a crow’s nest completes the look. I love the detailing; there’s even a yellow rope and an anchor that looks ready to be thrown overboard!

boy pirate birthday party candy ideas

boy pirate birthday party candy ideas

Alongside the cake was a selection of candy fit for pirates’ treasure. Themed party printables labeled the rock candy, lollipops and taffy being offered but the pirate owl’s fierce look and the skull dared guests to taste it! Milk Dud cannon balls and gumballs filled the skull candy dispensers.

boy pirate birthday part cookie ideas

boy pirate birthday part cookie ideas

Of course there were cookies too! Local cookie artist Peggy Perez designed an adorable set of pirate cookies to complement the theme.

boy pirate birthday party drink ideas

Water bottles, labeled with matching printables, were ready to quench thirst.

boy pirate birthday party favor ideas

Striped gable treasure chests, embellished with skull and crossbones, served as décor and favor boxes. They were filled with treats and blow-up pirate swords. The themed printable labels were tied on with a jaunty red ribbon and said, “Thank you for coming to my pirate party!”

All of this birthday cuteness was inspired by a darling two-year-old, a special shirt and a stylist with vision—what a way to sail through a birthday celebration!

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