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Superhero Party Dessert Table {Birthday Ideas}

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It’s always a proud day when I get to feature some of our own work on this blog. This superhero themed dessert table was designed to showcase our new Superhero birthday party supplies, which Rachel designed, for a while now. As with most tables we do, I try to keep the set-up affordable and achievable for most families. And this superhero themed dessert table is no exception. It’s certainly budget friendly. [See more superhero birthday party ideas.”] All of the food for this dessert table was purchased at either my local grocery store or bulk foods store. The sweet treats included cupcakes, marshmallows covered in coconut and pre-popped popcorn– as well as nerd candy and jelly beans.

Inspired by the “Calling All Superhero” party sign that comes with the collection, I decided to use it as the jumping off point for the dessert table. The three characters in the collection are called the Cake Crusaders — Captain is the brunette, Cake Pop is the girl and Crasher is the guy with red hair. I thought that all of the desserts should be on a stepped up display so that they looked like an army of superheros on the rooftops, coming to help out the Cake Crusaders. (By the way, the large characters in the backdrop were just made by printing the thank you card on a larger scale and cutting out the superheros.) You can easily make the same type of stepped up display by wrapping different height boxes all in the same color of paper – that’s what I did!

I love the little capes that come with the superhero cupcake wrappers and I was sure that they could be used for other purposes as well. I had test tubes left over from a mad science party and thought that they would be perfect to go with the capes. By adding the 1″ circle decals, I really like how they turned out and how they would make a simple favor for any superhero party.

These superhero party popcorn cups turned out super cute, if I do say so myself.

I found these little jars in the spice area of my local dollar store. Filled with jellybeans and topped with our superhero favor tags, I think they make simple and very inexpensive themed favors.

Stephanie Keeping

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