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Superhero 5th Birthday Party

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Call your little superhero because there are so many great ideas at this superhero birthday party!

I love receiving emails from moms showcasing their special birthday parties. I know firsthand how much it is a joy to provide a beautiful party to celebrate your child and share it with friends and family.

Seeing the happiness and laughter on your child’s face makes all the hard work worth it.

Party loving mom Jodie submitted this terrific superhero themed birthday party that she did for her son Saul, who was turning five.

It looks like everyone had a fantastic time!


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My favorite element of this party, hands down, is the photo booth.

The telephone booth is SO cute and a great photo idea for guests! The props and backdrop are fantastic.

If you’re wanting to do this idea for your own superhero photo booth, I sourced this 1000 pound barbell that would be perfect to use.

And how awesome is it that that the grandparents got involved as well?

Such great moments to capture!

I really want to start better incorporating photo booths into my own birthday parties. Particular opportunities where we can use such fun props to really let guests’ personalities shine.


The cake table is adorable. I love the trio of cakes – they’re perfect for the theme.

Jodie went above and beyond with games.

I think it’s great that she came up with creative and simple games to keep the guests entertained.

A bad guy throws out poison and guests need to pick it up and contain it in buckets.

Then, they use some silly string to get the bad guy.

How much fun would a group of boys have knocking down buildings with Hulk gloves?! I love it!

I actually think I would have a ton of fun doing the same activity.

A visit from Spiderman finished off the afternoon before guests received their favors.

In addition to their very own capes, guests received favor boxes filled with goodies and tied with ribbon with a balloon floating over them.

If you want to make your own capes for a superhero party, I have two previous posts that you should check out.

The first is “How to Make a Superhero Cape” and the second is How to Make a Superhero Cape from a T-Shirt. If you’re not into DIY, these are great little superhero capes and superhero masks that you can pick up on Amazon.

Plan a superhero birthday party with these party supplies:

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