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Bam! Pow! Throw a knock out Super Hero Party!

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I’m loving all the ideas at the super hero birthday party themed photo shoot!

Doesn’t every little boy (or girl!) want to be a superhero at some point? I swear my three-year-old Sam came pre-programmed wanting to rescue and protect. I think that’s why superheros like Batman and Superman are so popular.

Hello Love Designs styled this fantastic themed party for a photo shoot. All the printables for the party are available in her Etsy shop. She proves that not only is this party sure to be exciting, it’s very affordable!

The concept is that the superheros are meeting at a super secret location for a birthday bash. I love the look of the brick with the pallets! It really does look like a secret back alley. The bright colors are fantastic and everything has a classic, vintage feel to it. It feels like looking at an old comic book!

I love the clear glass bottles with custom labels. The striped straws also have labels on them that list super powers so that guests can choose which super power they want to drink!

Batman and Robin {Peanut Butter and Jelly}, Superman {turkey and cheese} and The Incredible {meatball sub} sandwiches were served in individual boxes from Garnish. Guests could also “choose” their super power by reading the custom labels on all the treats.

These super hero boxes of candy are such a great touch! POPcorn was served in push pop containers and mixed with chocolate candy.

Who wouldn’t love to enjoy a snack out of a push pop?!

The top secret favor bags were bright blue and tied shut with baker’s twine and sport custom labels.

One of the cutest features of this party are the lifesavers that ring the base of the cake — because superheros are lifesavers!   All these ideas are so easy to do! Plus, many of the items could be picked up at a local dollar or craft store to make it very affordable as well.

More Superhero Party Ideas You Will Love

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If you’re looking for favor ideas that will complement your superhero party, be sure to check out these!

1. I love these fantastic Superhero Sayings Bracelets! They would be great for the kids to put on during the party.

2. If you’re looking for an activity to keep the kids busy during the party, these Super Hero Activity Books With Crayons could be your answer!

3. These 12 Stretchy FLYING Super HERO Figures would be an awesome activity to do outside during your party!

4. I love the nostalgic feel of a Batman PEZ Dispenser! These are a great little item to include in your party bag! You also include multiple flavors of candy.

5. Blip Squinkies Marvel Bubble Pack are sure to be a big hit! They are so much fun to collect and trade with friends.

What’s your must-have idea for a super hero party?

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