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Star Wars Birthday Party

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Is there a boy alive that wouldn’t want Star Wars as a theme for their birthday? I know it would be my husband’s dream party idea. Today’s birthday party was submitted by Alex from Alex Nguyen Portraits and it is all about Star Wars (and these little six year olds look like they had so much fun)!

Alex found a tutorial on line on how to make foam light sabers, and created them as party favors. Simple, inexpensive, and perfect for younger kids! Can’t you just see the daddy’s getting in on this one?

She found a Star Wars Font online that she was able to download to create this sign to help keep the lightsabers outside!

Alex also found a tutorial online to create a Star Wars Robe. She was able to create two small robes using just three yards of fabric spending less than $5.00 in total! Pretty amazing and they look fantastic!

I love this next piece, the Death Star Pinata! Alex wasn’t able to find a Star Wars themed pinata so she and her husband created one using a baseball pinata as the base. They spray painted it silver then cover the hole they cut (to put the candy in) they used an upside down coffee lid! Her husband added details with a black sharpie! Just look at how amazing it looks!


And of course they had a R2D2 cake… Alex used all her resourcefulness once again to find a tutorial on how to make an R2D2 cake and had her friend Auntie Heather’s Fancy Cakes make the cake for them. Alex made the inside cake (dairy and nut free!) and then had Heather put it all together. The details on the cake are so amazing.


I love these photos of Alex’s sons eating R2D2’s legs!



To finish this fabulous party, Alex had games for the kids to play including Jeidi vs. Bubbles where two parents running bubble machines and the kids ran around fighting all the bubbles with their lightsabers and an obstacle course that the kids had to run and duck under or jump over lightsabers!


I bet the parents had a really hard time gathering up these young ones! It sounds like they all had so much fun! A big thank you to Alex for sharing this fabulous party!

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