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St. Patrick’s Day Party on a Budget

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Are you hoping to celebrate the Wearin’ of the Green without spending too much of it? You’ll want to see this themed dessert table that Lauren, of Crowns and Capes, set up for a St. Patrick’s Day party on a budget. Her money saving cake and decoration ideas will have you readily putting together party supplies for your wee ones. Danielle McCann Photography has captured the details.

St. Patrick's Day Party on a Budget

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Lauren created an easy to duplicate backdrop for the dessert table by spray painting a 20” x 30” foam core board. By using circular motions she gave it a subtle swirl design that looks like texture. She was intending to make a glitter shamrock but found the readymade version at a local craft store for just $5.

Lauren used green on green for this tablescape, but of course you could use a plain white cloth (which almost everyone has) for the table covering. Layer on shades of green with dishes, treats and decorations.

Lauren likes to add a piece of table art to the mix. Most party printables come with an 8” x 10” image and that is perfect for framing. It’s easy to pop a quote or design into a frame that you already have. The printables used here are from Lauren Haddox Designs.

Instead of bakery specialties, grocery store readymade cookies and sweets will stretch your party budget, too. If you have the time, homemade versions can save you even more. For her party, Lauren used confections from her talented friends at How Sweet It Is and Tunky Monkey’s Sweet Things.

St. Patrick's Day Dessert Table on a Budget

Specialty fondant cakes are gorgeous and use them when you can, but on this budget table version, a simple round cake from a local grocery store bakery is still a treat. Lauren picked up a plain version and added fondant shamrock shapes for embellishment. Readymade fondant sheets are available in the cake decorating sections of many craft stores nowadays. You could also make a centerpiece of cupcakes embellished with party medallions. Using a pedestal for display is a festive way to make the dessert seem more important. Focus on one showcase dessert will be more economical than an entire table of purchased specialties.

For drinks, Lauren used recycled soda bottles with party wraps and striped straws. Green food coloring in water will give you the appropriate look, but you might want to use a limeade drink for kids. Lemonade or orange juice that is naturally yellow will morph into a green drink when you add just a little blue food coloring. If you want to avoid the food coloring entirely, look for liquid chlorophyll at the health food store. It is naturally dark green and a few drops in water yield a mild, spearmint-like taste.

For a small party, bag toppers and mini zip lock bags pair perfectly for a take-home treat. Lauren used Lucky Charms cereal! You could also pack up extra party treats in green bags or small jelly jars that have been decorated for the occasion.

Love this St. Patrick’s Day party? Get the look with these supplies!

What would you love to see at a St. Patrick’s Day party?

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