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Spooky Cute Halloween Party Ideas

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Boys like spooky Halloween parties. Although Spiderman has helped many a kid get over arachnophobia, there is still something kind of creepy about the idea of spiders, especially if they are all over everything! The theme of this Boys Halloween Party from Donna at Swish Printables is spider decorations: they populate the dessert table, the pumpkin, the cake, the cookies, the…well, you get the idea! An occasional black cat and bat make an appearance, too. I like that all of the party supplies are in classic orange and black. If you’re looking for a spooky-but-not-too-scary Halloween Party, this is an idea you could really get caught up in (a-hem).

Cute Halloween Party Ideas

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I like the unique spider web backdrop for the dessert table. It really (dare I say it?) pulls everything together!

Halloween Party Cake Pops

A cute “trick or treat” banner calls kids to the table where they are sure to notice the huge black spider and her web on the cake. Looks like she has been busy spinning webs all around the room because they are on the beverage bottles, on plates and on the pumpkins. Play “I Spy” and see how many you can count!

Spiders adorn the party boxes filled with candy corn and giant orange suckers. Cupcakes sport Halloween greetings…and a spider.

Halloween Party Supplies

Coordinated food labels let little tricksters know they are in for Creepy Cookies (holiday special Oreos) and Spider Bites (powdered sugar doughnuts). Beware of Sticky Webs (cotton candy) and Black Licorice Whips!

This party is a real treat—and that’s no trick!

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